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April 27, 1992 | Volume 76, Issue 16

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Deion Sanders Cover - Sports Illustrated April 27, 1992

April 27, 1992 | John Papanek
In his seven years at SI, senior writer Rick Reilly has traveled from his home in Denver to places as far-flung as Scotland. China, Tokyo and what was once East Berlin—all in the line of duty....

April 27, 1992 | Tim Kurkjian
If you counted the Oakland Athletics out, count again. They're flying high once more

April 27, 1992 | Richard Hoffer
The Lakers ended their manic-depressive season by barely making the playoffs

April 27, 1992 | William Nack
Arazi is such a solid favorite to win the Kentucky Derby that the fiercest battle may be for second—and $1,000,000

April 27, 1992 | Jill Lieber
After feasting for years on generous helpings of television dough, sports leagues are going to have to learn how to get by on smaller portions

April 27, 1992 | Ed Hinton
Deion Sanders may now be a full-time hitter for the baseball Braves—not for the football Falcons

April 27, 1992 | Tom Junod
Mel Kiper Jr. embodies the dream of every NFL draftnik: He has turned the rabid fan's off-season obsession into a lucrative, full-time job

April 27, 1992 | Tom Junod
Take 'em

April 27, 1992
Where Are They Now?We were looking through some old copies of SI, and in the 1986-87 College Basketball issue (Nov. 19, '86), we came across your "future star" projections. SI clearly knows how to...

April 27, 1992 | Paul Zimmerman
The Indianapolis colts have the first two picks in the upcoming NFL draft—the first time a team has had that luxury in 34 years—and they say they're not going to trade either of them. "You win...

April 27, 1992 | Tim Kurkjian
A Blessing for the Padres

April 27, 1992 | Tim Kurkjian
Opportunity Knocked...and He Knocked BackPadres outfielder Kevin Ward, 30, who spent 8½ years in the minors before making it up for 44 games with San Diego last season, was very nearly sent down...

April 27, 1992 | Steve Hirdt
A New Wrinkle

April 27, 1992 | Jack McCallum
Bulls' Fodder

April 27, 1992 | Jack McCallum
Karl Malone is gassed up for another run in the NBA playoffs and hoping his Utah Jazz doesn't stall early again

April 27, 1992 | Edited by Steve Wulf
Minding the StoreDid Virginia, under Dick Schultz, break NCAA rules?

April 27, 1992 | Edited by Steve Wulf
[Thumb Up] To the Boston Red Sox, for their sponsorship of the A. Bartlett Giamatti Little League Center in Bristol, Conn. The center will be devoted to youngsters who are physically and mentally...

April 27, 1992 | Edited by Steve Wulf
Mike Macfarlane, Kansas City Royals catcher, after K.C. beat the Oakland A's 3-1 on only one hit: "That was a maximization of a minimization of hits."

April 27, 1992 | Edited by Steve Wulf
In simpler times America's cup races were held every several years. They now appear to be held every several weeks. America's Cup sailing has become reminiscent of Davis Cup tennis, in which the...

April 27, 1992 | Edited by Steve Wulf
White Sox shortstop Luis Aparicio came in spikes high for our April 30, 1962, cover story on baseball's most colorful players. One of them was Oriole outfielder Jackie Brandt, who, after hitting a...

April 27, 1992 | Edited by Jon Scher
InductedHale Irwin, Chi Chi Rodriguez, Lighthorse Harry Cooper and Richard Tufts, into the PGA World Golf Hall of Fame. Irwin, 46, has won 19 tournaments, including the U.S. Open three limes;...

April 27, 1992
Dan ConwayCHETEK, WIS.Conway, 53, a high school teacher, set the world 50-and-over age-group record for the indoor mile at the Sunkist Invitational in Los Angeles with a time of 4:41.31. He broke...

April 27, 1992 | William F. Reed
Seeing is believing, and it says here that Arazi will have to show he can do it on Derby Day