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December 07, 1992 | Volume 77, Issue 24

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 Cover - Sports Illustrated December 07, 1992

December 07, 1992
Daniel CourcolPARIS

December 07, 1992 | Edited by Richard O'Brien
Plucked Turkey

December 07, 1992 | Edited by Richard O'Brien
On the campaign trail Bill Clinton voiced support for eliminating corporate tax deductions for salaries of more than $1 million paid to employees. It is uncertain if such a proposal will now...

December 07, 1992 | Edited by Richard O'Brien
•Headline in the New York Daily News over story noting that the President played golf in Kennebunkport, Maine, on Thanksgiving morning: bush slices ball before carving bird.

December 07, 1992 | Edited by Richard O'Brien
•Howie Long, Oakland Raider defensive end, on Tommy Maddox (left), rookie quarterback for the Denver Broncos, who was making his first NFL start against the Raiders: "He looked like my paperboy. I...

December 07, 1992 | Peter King

December 07, 1992 | Albert Kim
Al Toon has spent most of his waking hours the last four weeks sitting quietly at home. Moving about isn't easy for Toon, because his sense of balance often betrays him. Occasionally he'll watch...

December 07, 1992 | Warren Moon
Entering the Nov. 15 game against the Minnesota Vikings, Houston Oiler quarterback Warren Moon had missed only 10 games because of injury in his nine-year NFL career. But while playing with a...

December 07, 1992 | William F. Reed

December 07, 1992 | Sally Jenkins
Alabama's impenetrable defense has the Crimson Tide on the brink of a title

December 07, 1992 | Norman Chad
Those noises you hear are by John Madden, still the bubbliest—and best—NFL analyst

December 07, 1992 | Austin Murphy
Last Saturday night's meeting of Miami and San Diego State was billed as the Heisman Bowl. Instead it was Dud Bowl I. For only the second lime ever, the two front-runners for the Heisman Trophy...

December 07, 1992 | Paul Zimmerman
Doug Flutie was up to his old tricks in Canada's Grey Cup

December 07, 1992 | Jack McCallum

December 07, 1992 | Austin Murphy

December 07, 1992 | Austin Murphy
Valeri Bure's english is better than his brother's, and Pavel thinks he knows why. "My mother and father are in Vancouver with me," Pavel says. "When Valeri leaves rink, no one speaks Russian to him."

December 07, 1992 | Jill Lieber

December 07, 1992 | Peter King

December 07, 1992 | Peter King

December 07, 1992
Unbreakable RecordsYou omitted one unapproachable record from your list of Ten That Won't Tumble (SI CLASSIC, Fall 1992): Cy Young's 511 career victories. This mark appears safe, considering that...

December 07, 1992 | William Oscar Johnson
Julie Parisien of the U.S. kicked off the World Cup season with a dramatic win

December 07, 1992 | Richard O'Brien
Olympic gold medalist Oscar De La Hoya began his pro career with a quick KO

December 07, 1992 | Mike Capuzzo

December 07, 1992 | Alexander Wolff
The landscape is littered with fired coaches who are living off the fat of their contracts