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January 25, 1993 | Volume 78, Issue 3

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Emmitt Smith Cover - Sports Illustrated January 25, 1993

January 25, 1993 | Mark Mulvoy
Brad Wallick's responsibility is to try to be perfect. Or as near to perfect as the creator intended. For Wallick, 41, who has been manager of SI's imaging department since May 1992, the creator...

January 25, 1993 | Paul Zimmerman
With young legs and bold maneuvers, the Cowboys rolled over the 49ers and into the Super Bowl

January 25, 1993 | Rick Reilly
The Buffalo Bills won a third run at the Super Bowl

January 25, 1993 | Jack McCallum
Shaquille O'Neal may be the Rookie of the Year, but it's his classmates who make this the year of the rookie

January 25, 1993

January 25, 1993 | Steve Rushin
How does Pirate manager Jim Leyland feel as he watches his team disintegrate? Damn lucky

January 25, 1993 | Jon Scher
The Penguins were stunned to learn that Mario Lemieux has Hodgkin's disease

January 25, 1993 | Phil Taylor

January 25, 1993 | Phil Taylor
MenDarnell Mee, a 6'5" senior guard at Western Kentucky, averaged 25.7 points, 7.3 rebounds and 3.3 steals to lift the Hilltoppers to victories over Lamar, Arkansas-Little Rock and Arkansas State.

January 25, 1993 | Leigh Montville
...Notre Dame's women swimmers are slowly healing from an accident that killed two teammates

January 25, 1993 | Jim Kaplan
The Institute for Sports Vision provides programs to improve athletes' eye performance

January 25, 1993 | E.M. Swift
Bill Clinton should stop the presidential practice of using sports champions for photo ops

January 25, 1993 | Lance Contrucci
Lou Pearlman, head of Airship International Ltd., is fulfilling adolescent dreams of glory

January 25, 1993
Bird and MagicLarry Bird and Earvin (Magic) Johnson were a joy to watch over the last 14 years (The Two and Only, Dec. 14). They brought unselfishness, enthusiasm and an unbelievable work ethic to...

January 25, 1993 | Richard O'Brien
Question of Substance

January 25, 1993 | Richard O'Brien
A compromise of sorts was reached last week in a dispute between Bob Keino (left), a 17-year-old junior at Ridgewood (N.J.) High and a son of Kenyan Olympic hero Kip Keino, and the New Jersey...

January 25, 1993 | Richard O'Brien
•Phil Mushniek, in the New York Post, disputing the NFL's contention that negative drug tests prove that its players are clean: "Absence of evidence is not evidence of absence."

January 25, 1993 | Richard O'Brien
The winner of this year's Trotter of the Year award in the Aged Horse category is named No Sex Please. Let's see, now, is he hot to trot or not?

January 25, 1993 | Richard O'Brien
•Chuck Person, Minnesota Timberwolf forward, on rookie Christian Laettner (right): "Yeah, he sometimes can be stubborn. But he has a heart somewhere...I think."•Pat Williams, Orlando Magic general...