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February 01, 1993 | Volume 78, Issue 4

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 Cover - Sports Illustrated February 01, 1993

February 01, 1993 | Richard O'Brien
Trial and Errors

February 01, 1993 | Richard O'Brien
The sight of Bill Clinton (below) in running shorts has prompted comedian Jay Lena to urge the creation of a Cabinet post of Thighmaster General, but don't laugh: The new president may be...

February 01, 1993 | Richard O'Brien
Mike Lopresti, in USA Today: "Maybe you're like me. You've perused this new NFL labor contract and now you have only one question. Who has the English translation?"

February 01, 1993 | Richard O'Brien
To hold down costs in Division I basketball, the NCAA limits schools to three assistant coaches, one of whom can be paid no more than $16,000 a year. Some schools have resorted to this ploy: In...

February 01, 1993 | Richard O'Brien
•Steve Greenberg, baseball's deputy commissioner, characterizing a written response by Cincinnati Red owner Marge Schott last week to charges that she had uttered racial slurs: "It's lengthy and...

February 01, 1993 | Paul Zimmerman

February 01, 1993 | Jill Lieber

February 01, 1993 | Peter King

February 01, 1993 | Jack McCallum
The hardscrabble New York Knicks are still Patrick Ewing's team, which may—or may not—allow them to earn the NBA title

February 01, 1993 | Kelli Anderson
There's an identity crisis in women's basketball as an outbreak of identical twins has hit several of the nation's top teams

February 01, 1993 | William Nack
Lennox Lewis, a product of London's East End, may give England its first undisputed heavyweight title in this century

February 01, 1993 | E.M. Swift
Unheralded Scott Davis upstaged everyone—including the women—at the nationals

February 01, 1993 | Jon Scher
After three frustrating seasons, Buffalo's Alexander Mogilny, the NHL's only Soviet defector, is flying high

February 01, 1993 | Mark Mulvoy
Many years ago a young sports illustrated writer was sitting in a theater in Greenwich Village, where he had just watched a closed-circuit-TV boxing match, when he heard the unmistakable voice of...

February 01, 1993 | John Garrity
Graphite is the talk of the Tour, as are a putt-and-tell book and John Daly's return

February 01, 1993 | Jack McCallum
Whose Man Is Manning?

February 01, 1993 | Phil Taylor
Iowa Mourns

February 01, 1993 | Phil Taylor
MenUNLV's J.R. Rider, a senior swing-man, scored 78 points, grabbed 16 rebounds and had seven assists to lead the Rebels to wins over Texas A&M and Georgetown.

February 01, 1993 | Alexander Wolff
Duke's Grant Hill has escaped his father Calvin's shadow by making a name in his own game

February 01, 1993
ESPNYour informative and—get this!—entertaining look behind the scenes at ESPN's SportsCenter (Every Day Is Game Day, Dec.21)was first-rate. Did you know that Keith and Dan are the last ones to...

February 01, 1993 | Donn Esmonde
Once again the Super Bowl gives frigid Buffalo a chance to bask in the sunlight of respect

February 01, 1993
Ethan HigbeeTOPSHAM, MAINEEthan, 14, won two state crowns in two hours when he sandwiched a victory in the 13-14 state cross-country meet between two Maine State Cup soccer games. He played...