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February 08, 1993 | Volume 78, Issue 5

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Troy Aikman Cover - Sports Illustrated February 08, 1993

February 08, 1993 | Richard Hoffer
The Big Game returned to L.A., and while Angelenos were not impressed, 80,000 out-of-towners created a frenzy that climaxed with Dallas's rout of Buffalo

February 08, 1993 | Rick Telander
Two Cowboys set out to discover what's up in the City of Angels

February 08, 1993 | Rick Reilly
On Media Day, players and press searched for the true meaning of the Super Bowl

February 08, 1993 | Tim Crothers
Security was tight around the Cowboys' practices, but the NFL's cops overlooked one crow's nest

February 08, 1993 | Jill Lieber

February 08, 1993
Arlane KellySANTA ROSA, CALIF.Kelly, 71, a 24-handicap golfer, had 10 holes-in-one in 1992. She made nine aces at the Santa Rosa Golf & Country Club—three each on the 142-yard 4th hole, the...

February 08, 1993 | Leigh Montville
The bright lights of Hollywood didn't dazzle the Bills' fans, who traveled to Southern California for a long weekend of talking about their team

February 08, 1993 | Kelli Anderson
Cammi Granato, product of a hockey-mad family, is the top player on the best team in the nation

February 08, 1993 | John Walters
With QB1, players pit their play-calling skills against those of bar patrons across the U.S.

February 08, 1993 | Tim Crothers
At Emory & Henry College the Wasps win because Bob Johnson puts no-pain, no-gain preaching into practice

February 08, 1993 | Peter King
On the eve of the game, Dallas and Buffalo vanished to get peace of mind

February 08, 1993 | Paul Zimmerman

February 08, 1993 | Phil Taylor

February 08, 1993 | Phil Taylor
MenWake Forest's Randolph Childress, a sophomore guard, scored 19 points in the Deacons' 75-73 upset of No. 15 Virginia and 27 in their 88-62 upset of No. 3 North Carolina.

February 08, 1993
The Decline of SportsmanshipI have long been a fan of Rick Reilly's writing, but what really turned me on was his Point After on spoilsports (Jan. 11). This article should be posted on the locker...

February 08, 1993 | Avi Kempinski

February 08, 1993
[This article consists of photograph—see below.]

February 08, 1993 | Richard O'Brien
Yanks in Japan

February 08, 1993 | Richard O'Brien
In MTV's annual Rock 'n' Jock charity softball game last week in Long Beach, Calif., Dwight Gooden, Roger McDowell. Frank Thomas, Jose Canseco (left, knocking down a sandwich in the on-deck...

February 08, 1993 | Richard O'Brien
•Pete Prisco, in The Florida Times-Union, recounting a joke that made the rounds at the Super Bowl: "What are a sportswriters two favorite beers? Answer: free and free light."

February 08, 1993 | Richard O'Brien
A surprise loser at the Barcelona Olympics, U.S. boxer Eric Griffin has gone 5-0 in the pros and earned the grand sum of $15,000; as a gold medalist, he might have commanded $100,000 per fight....

February 08, 1993 | Richard O'Brien
•Ted Green, coach of the Edmonton Oilers, when told that rookie center Shaun Van Allen had suffered a concussion and didn't know who he was: "Good. Tell him he's Wayne Gretzky [right]". •Mike...