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February 15, 1993 | Volume 78, Issue 6

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Arthur Ashe Cover - Sports Illustrated February 15, 1993

February 15, 1993 | Kenny Moore
Why, when we knew Arthur Ashe's health was precarious, did the news of his death from pneumonia last Saturday hit us like a ball peen hammer between the eyes? Why did the announcement of this...

February 15, 1993 | Pat Putnam
Riddick Bowe, in the first defense of his heavyweight crown, knocked out aging Michael Dokes in Round 1 for a sorry start to his reign

February 15, 1993 | Jack McCallum
Be it Phil Jackson or Michael Jordan, Chicago is finding another title won't be as easy as 1-2-3

February 15, 1993 | Jill Lieber

February 15, 1993 | Austin Murphy

February 15, 1993

February 15, 1993 | Rick Reilly

February 15, 1993 | Leigh Montville
Larry Bird, legend

February 15, 1993 | E.M. Swift
Ask new NHL Commissioner Gary Bettman his priorities for the early months of his five-year contract, which began Feb. 1, and he ticks them off like a professor detailing a curriculum. He must 1)...

February 15, 1993 | John Garrity
I've got a contract for 200 hats," Michelle McGann says, and for a moment you think you're Elsa Klensch interviewing a Paris fashion designer for CNN. McGann is young enough and tall enough to be...

February 15, 1993 | Merrell Noden
Butch Reynolds, the world-record holder at 400 meters, has assumed many roles in the course of his more than two-year battle with his sport's governing body, the International Amateur Athletic...

February 15, 1993 | Alexander Wolff

February 15, 1993 | Sally Jenkins
Iowans were determined not to let schoolboy Tavian Banks, their best prospect in 15 years, leave the state

February 15, 1993 | William F. Reed
Florida State got the pick of the litter, including a kicker once bound for Notre Dame

February 15, 1993 | Phil Taylor

February 15, 1993 | Phil Taylor
MENIdaho's Orlando Lightfoot, a 6'7" junior forward, had 21 points and 15 rebounds in a 97-76 win over Idaho State and 44 points (a school record) and 17 boards in a 107-96 double-OT defeat of...

February 15, 1993 | Jack McCallum

February 15, 1993
Larry Bird lit up Boston for the last time.

February 15, 1993
PercentagesI was interested in your SCORECARD item (Jan. 18) about the disparity between the number of blacks playing pro football, baseball and basketball and the number employed in coaching and...

February 15, 1993 | Edited by Jerry Kirshenbaum

February 15, 1993 | Edited by Jerry Kirshenbaum
•Scott Skiles (right), Orlando Magic guard, dismissing the fans' booing of him: "Basketball is like church. Many attend but few understand."