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February 22, 1993 | Volume 78, Issue 7

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Vendela Cover - Sports Illustrated February 22, 1993

February 22, 1993 | E.M. Swift

February 22, 1993
Sarah EdmondsSIOUX CITY, IOWAEdmonds, a senior cross-country runner at Gustavus Adolphus College, won the Division III championship in her first season of intercollegiate competition—she began...

February 22, 1993
Like mirages in the morning mist, Britta Dubbels (left) and Stacey Williams materialize by the Grand Hotel pool in suits ($121 and $127, respectively) from Calvin Klein.

February 22, 1993 | Douglas S. Looney

February 22, 1993
In the lee of Waikiki, Kathy Ireland, an adept surfer, can't catch a wave, even in a bikini by Gideon Oberson ($120).

February 22, 1993 | Kenny Moore

February 22, 1993 | Franz Lidz
On a beach of lion-colored sand Brian Shimer adjusts his shades, smooths his hair and applies the tip of his forefinger delicately to his upper lip. "When I'm back home in Florida like this, I...

February 22, 1993 | Kelly Whiteside
Lauren Wolfe paces so intently before each of her wrestling matches that she sometimes gives herself shin splints. As she goes through a repertoire of moves in her mind, she tries to envision what...

February 22, 1993 | E.M. Swift
He has been called the Wayne Gretzky of college hockey. While Paul Kariya (ka-REE-ya), a freshman at Maine, may not be quite the stickhandling genius Gretzky was at 18, there are enough...

February 22, 1993 | Shelley Smith
For a while at the Bob Hope Chrysler Classic last week it looked as if the Curtis Strange of old had resurfaced, rearing his prematurely gray head. He jammed clubs back into his bag with a...

February 22, 1993 | William Oscar Johnson

February 22, 1993 | Edited by Jerry Kirshenbaum

February 22, 1993 | Edited by Jerry Kirshenbaum
•Frederick C. Klein in The Wall Street Journal, reacting to a comment by Chris Webber (right), mainstay of Michigan's Fab Five, that he enjoys being surrounded by a strong cast: "Just wait 'til...

February 22, 1993 | Edited by Jerry Kirshenbaum
•Karl Malone, Utah Jazz star, after falling one assist short of what would have been his first NBA triple double: "If I would have known it, I would have passed the ball."

February 22, 1993 | Phil Taylor

February 22, 1993 | Phil Taylor
MENPurdue's Glenn Robinson, a sophomore forward, scored 71 points, sank five of nine three-pointers, grabbed 17 rebounds, blocked five shots and had four assists in wins over Minnesota and Wisconsin.

February 22, 1993 | Pat Putnam
James Toney won the IBF super middleweight title by teaching Iran Barkley a thing or two about boxing

February 22, 1993 | Jack McCallum

February 22, 1993 | Steve Wulf
To those many broadcasters who are above all cheerleaders, I say, "Boooooo"

February 22, 1993 | Ed Hinton
Dale Jarrett was the surprise winner of a crash-filled Daytona 500 as NASCAR launched its '93 season

February 22, 1993 | Alexander Wolff
Calbert Cheaney kept top-ranked Indiana in motion against Michigan

February 22, 1993 | William Oscar Johnson

February 22, 1993 | Sally Jenkins
UCLA's Natalie Williams has set her sights on a double dip: She wants to win Olympic gold medals in both volleyball and basketball

February 22, 1993 | Richard Hoffer

February 22, 1993 | Gary Smith
Living in violence-plagued Culiacán, boxing champ Julio César Chávez fights to keep his extended family secure

February 22, 1993 | Mark Mulvoy
After 29 years on the swimsuit beat, senior editor Jule Campbell is a pro at keeping the locations of her photo shoots secret. Few people in SI's offices know where she's off to each year, and she...

February 22, 1993 | Jule Campbell
This year we celebrate America's shorelines, which are as diverse as its people. From the majesty of Alaska's glaciers to the sensuality of the Florida Keys, from the tropical lushness of Hawaii...

February 22, 1993
Delphi and Kibby, from the Dolphin Research Center on Grassy Key, flip over Kathy Ireland in a bikini ($100) and leggings ($136) from Gottex."

February 22, 1993 | Rick Reilly

February 22, 1993
Jim ValvanoNo article has ever moved mc as much as Gary Smith's Av Time Runs Out (Jan. 11), about former basketball coach Jim Valvano. I grew up in Raleigh, N.C., and regularly attended North...

February 22, 1993
Ingrid Seynhaeve hitches her wagon to a bright bikini in a floral pattern by Gideon Oberson ($112).

February 22, 1993 | Leigh Montville
A father-and-daughter bike tour evoked thoughts of the past—and of the future

February 22, 1993
On the good ship Sagafjord the spectacular scenery includes Harvard Glacier and Vendela, in a robe ($297) and suit ($288) by La Perla.