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March 15, 1993 | Volume 78, Issue 10

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Reggie White Cover - Sports Illustrated March 15, 1993

March 15, 1993 | Jon Scher

March 15, 1993 | William F. Reed
Billy McCaffrey is doing it all for Vanderbilt, the surprising regular-season SEC champion

March 15, 1993 | Peter King
With the onset of free agency in the NFL, stars like Reggie White of the Eagles are hitting the road to offer their services to the highest bidders

March 15, 1993 | Peter King
Though NFL owners waged a bitter fight against free agency, a number of teams are determined to turn the sudden availability of veteran talent to their advantage. One team that clearly sees...

March 15, 1993 | Richard Hoffer

March 15, 1993 | Ron Fimrite

March 15, 1993 | Tim Kurkjian
The class of '93 looks to be short on impact players

March 15, 1993 | Rick Telander
When Washington Redskin coach Joe Gibbs unexpectedly announced his retirement last Friday, the NFL lost a good man. Call it burnout, stress meltdown, stop-and-smell-the-roses syndrome or whatever...

March 15, 1993 | John Garrity
No one was surprised when the Barbers, Jerry and Tom, won the father-son division at last week's GTE West Classic in Ojai, Calif.

March 15, 1993 | Austin Murphy
"First girl" trophies have never held much interest for JJ Isler. Since she began racing dinghies at the San Diego Yacht Club at the age of seven, she has been an equal-opportunity butt kicker,...

March 15, 1993
Shameika McFieldST. LOUIS

March 15, 1993 | Franz Lidz
Sebastian Coe no longer runs for England, he runs it. As a first-year member of Parliament, representing Falmouth and Camborne, the two-time Olympic gold medalist bustles around the Palace of...

March 15, 1993 | Merrell Noden

March 15, 1993 | Pat Putnam
His injured left arm all but useless, Buddy McGirt lost his WBC welterweight crown to Pernell Whitaker

March 15, 1993 | Jack McCallum

March 15, 1993 | Phil Taylor
It's that time of year again. Grammys, Oscars, Golden Globes, Daytime Emmys. Is it just a coincidence that the awards season occurs at the end of the college basketball season? Maybe, maybe not....

March 15, 1993 | Rick Telander

March 15, 1993
Schott's SentenceThe decision by baseball's ruling council to suspend Cincinnati Red owner Marge Schott from the day-to-day operation of the team for a year (SCORECARD, Feb. 15) should force us to...

March 15, 1993 | Rick Reilly
The Golf Channel opens entirely new vistas for anyone who putters around his TV room

March 15, 1993 | Edited by Richard O'Brien
Ben Again

March 15, 1993 | Edited by Richard O'Brien
At least five boys played on girls' high school field-hockey teams in the Northeast last season, causing some traditionalists to fret that the sport may soon be taken over by males. When center...

March 15, 1993 | Edited by Richard O'Brien
•Mike Downey, in the Los Angeles Times: "Hillary Rodham Clinton [below] is going to throw out the first ball at Wrigley Field this season.... Knowing the Cubs, she'll probably hurt her arm."

March 15, 1993 | Edited by Richard O'Brien
•Jerry Reynolds, Sacramento Kings G.M., on his appearance as a television analyst: "I'm not all that encouraged. I told my wife, 'I looked like a fat little hillbilly.' She said, 'That's because...