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May 03, 1993 | Volume 78, Issue 17

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Joe Dimaggio Cover - Sports Illustrated May 03, 1993

May 03, 1993 | Tom Verducci

May 03, 1993 | Peter King

May 03, 1993 | Peter King
WHAT GOES AROUND...What a long, strange trip Pat Swilling (right) has had in going from New Orleans to Detroit. In March 1992, after his contract with the Saints expired, Swilling, New Orleans'...

May 03, 1993 | Jon Scher

May 03, 1993 | E.M. Swift
The Canadiens took a 3-2 series lead over the Nordiques in the eagerly awaited Battle of Quebec

May 03, 1993
David ConeYour article about David Cone (The Headliner, April 5) has left me rather perplexed. Why would a publication that constantly carps about the off-field problems of today's athletes focus...

May 03, 1993 | William F. Reed
As Penn State prepares to tackle the Big Ten, insiders wonder if the new alliance has hurt the Nittany Lions

May 03, 1993 | Kelly Whiteside
CBA commissioner Terdema Ussery II has risen from the back streets to the front office

May 03, 1993 | Nicholas Dawidoff
A museum near San Francisco teaches visitors about their environment

May 03, 1993 | Ken McAlpine

May 03, 1993 | Jill Lieber

May 03, 1993 | Leigh Montville
Kevin McHale drove to the Boston Garden last Friday night with his six-year-old son, Joey. This has become an end-of-career ritual for the 13-year veteran Boston Celtic forward. He takes one of...

May 03, 1993 | Kelli Anderson
Professional bowling's new king has a different look. He wears a fade haircut, round eyeglasses and, in his left ear, a gold hoop and a diamond stud. And if things are going well, as they were at...

May 03, 1993
Bob LazorNORWICH, N.Y.Bob, a 6'8" junior forward on the Norwich High basketball team, scored 19 fourth-quarter points in the Class B state championship game to lead the Purple Tornado to a...

May 03, 1993 | Douglas S. Looney
Veronica Ribot-Canales, who will quite possibly be the next U.S. women's diving star, is asked to describe the way she has been treated of late by America's other divers. She pauses for effect and...

May 03, 1993 | Tim Kurkjian
Following the final out of his no-hitter against the Boston Red Sox last Thursday, Seattle Mariner pitcher Chris Bosio thrust his arms toward the roof of the Kingdome and stood as if he were...

May 03, 1993 | Jack McCallum

May 03, 1993 | Tim Kurkjian

May 03, 1993 | Tim Kurkjian
The Big Chill. On April 21 in Pittsburgh the temperature at game time was 39°. By the 12th inning the windchill made it feel like the 20's. "That's the coldest I've ever been," says Pirate...

Despite being the leadoff hitter in 16 of the Giants' first 19 games this season, Willie McGee as of Sunday had not yet scored a run. No other major leaguer in the last 10 years has had that long...

May 03, 1993 | Tim Kurkjian
In his first six appearances this season, Pirate closer Stan Belinda produced four saves in four tries, a 1.42 ERA and six strikeouts in 6⅓ innings. In his seventh game, on April 21 at Three...

May 03, 1993 | Leigh Montville
Charles Barkley is celebrated on buses in Phoenix, on basketball courts across the nation and in ads around the world

May 03, 1993 | Edited by Jerry Kirshenbaum
Last of the Best

May 03, 1993 | Edited by Jerry Kirshenbaum
•Scott Ostler, in the San Francisco Chronicle, lamenting the departure of a Bay Area icon to the Kansas City Chiefs: "Joe Montana [above], who is to quarterbacking what the Golden Gate is to...

May 03, 1993 | Edited by Jerry Kirshenbaum
•Troy Aikman, Dallas Cowboy quarterback, on his reaction to being named one of PEOPLE'S 50 Most Beautiful People: "I thought, Well, they don't know that many people."

May 03, 1993 | Carter Coleman

May 03, 1993 | Steve Hymon
If Scott Goodyear doesn't win the 500, it won't be because he was unprepared

May 03, 1993 | William Nack
The weak field in the Kentucky Derby speaks for the state of the American racehorse