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August 02, 1993 | Volume 79, Issue 5

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John Elway Cover - Sports Illustrated August 02, 1993

August 02, 1993 | Edited by Jerry Kirshenbaum
Pitiful Throw

August 02, 1993 | Edited by Jerry Kirshenbaum
Sports lingo, like language in general, continually evolves, but why are the new expressions often so cumbersome? Blame it on growing specialization and a desire to make things sound more...

August 02, 1993 | Edited by Jerry Kirshenbaum
•Tim Brown, in the Los Angeles Daily News, noting that oft-disciplined Cleveland Indian leftfielder Albert Belle is a year away from earning a degree in accounting from Cleveland State: "Then...

August 02, 1993 | Edited by Jerry Kirshenbaum
•David Feherty, Irish golfer, after being paired with John Daly (above) in the first round of the British Open: "He hits his divots farther than I hit my drives."

August 02, 1993 | Tim Kurkjian
The momentum of Mo Vaughn and the streaking Red Sox has Boston dreaming impossible dreams

August 02, 1993 | Richard Hoffer

August 02, 1993 | John Garrity

August 02, 1993 | Richard Hoffer

August 02, 1993 | Bruce Newman

August 02, 1993 | Mark Mulvoy
Some of the more famous fires in American history have raged within the city limits of Atlanta. There was the devastating one set by General William Tecumseh Sherman and his Union troops in 1864,...

August 02, 1993 | Leigh Montville

August 02, 1993 | Amy Nutt
A crew from Ukraine scrimps and scrapes in the U.S. to prepare for a Homeric race around the world

August 02, 1993 | Alexander Wolff
"If you entertain the unworthy suspicion that journalists invent their own stories, you will be pleased to know that this is literally true in the case of the Tour de France." So a Welsh...

August 02, 1993 | Merrell Noden
How good is Marion Jones? Here's an answer as straight and simple as the 100 itself: She is the greatest sprint talent ever. "Nothing before and nothing probably for a long time to come can match...

August 02, 1993 | Bruce Newman
The tears rolled down Walter Payton's cheeks like the tributaries of a river, flowing across the wide flood plain that his face has become since he retired from the Chicago Bears five years ago as...

August 02, 1993 | Tim Kurkjian

August 02, 1993 | Steve Hirdt, Elias Sports Bureau
On July 20, when Yankee catcher Mike Stanley (above) hit his third grand slam in 21 days, he became the first American League catcher to hit three bases-loaded home runs in one season. Wes Westrum...

August 02, 1993 | Michael Angeli

August 02, 1993
Ripken's StreakYour article about Cal Ripken Jr. and his streak (Solitary Man, June 28) greatly disturbed me. The story underscores what is wrong with our country today: Nobody wants to work....

August 02, 1993 | Steve Wulf
George Steinbrenner's threat to move his team out of Yankee Stadium is a crime

August 02, 1993
John KulsaSEATTLEKulsa, 24, a swingback, led the Seattle Seahammers to a breathless 6-5 defeat of three-time defending champ Club Puck at the underwater hockey national championships, in...