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August 16, 1993 | Volume 79, Issue 7

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Phil Knight Cover - Sports Illustrated August 16, 1993

August 16, 1993 | Steve Wulf

August 16, 1993 | Steve Rushin

August 16, 1993 | Rick Reilly

August 16, 1993
Notable OmissionsYour article The Greatest Game I Ever Saw was definitely the best one in the Special Classic Edition (July 19), but how could you have overlooked Toronto versus Atlanta in Game 6...

August 16, 1993 | Douglas S. Looney
Kim Hamrock was sitting outside a snack bar on the beach in Oceanside, Calif., last Saturday, sipping coffee, staring out at the grandeur of the Pacific Ocean waves rolling up on the sand; she was...

August 16, 1993 | Albert Kim
The stroke robbed Jeff Gray of his ability to walk, his ability to speak, even his ability to grip a baseball, but it left his mental faculties untouched. Even as he was being carried out of the...

August 16, 1993 | Franz Lidz
Richard Krajicek, known in tennis circles for his big serve and his big mouth, came up big in another way last weekend. A tall (6'5"), rangy (190 pounds) and fiercely independent Dutchman,...

August 16, 1993 | Tim Kurkjian

August 16, 1993 | Steve Hirdt; Elias Sports Bureau
It is axiomatic that the team that scores first has the better chance of winning; in fact, teams that scored in the first inning had won 62% of those games at week's end. With that as a given, we...

August 16, 1993 | Kelli Anderson
Will Roller Hockey International's show be a huge hit—or a single-season flop?

August 16, 1993 | Donald Katz

August 16, 1993
Kent BostickCORRALES, N. Mex.

August 16, 1993 | Tim Crothers
The beloved ballpark of the Durham Bulls is closing down, a victim of its own success

August 16, 1993 | Edited by Richard O'Brien
The Jordan Affair

August 16, 1993 | Edited by Richard O'Brien
•Shav Glick, in the Los Angeles Times, on a statement made by one of the TNT hosts at the recent U.S. Olympic Festival: "What would the late Woody Hayes [right] have thought when Ernie...

August 16, 1993 | Edited by Richard O'Brien
•John Kruk (right), the Philadelphia Phillies' doughy first baseman, reacting to a prediction by St. Louis Cardinal outfielder Ray Lankford that the Cards would win the National League East...