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January 17, 1994 | Volume 80, Issue 2

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Nancy Kerrigan Cover - Sports Illustrated January 17, 1994

January 17, 1994
"Who, this year, exemplified the essence of true sportsmanship better than the Mets' Anthony Young?"JOHN KELLY VETTER, Milwaukee

January 17, 1994 | Edited by Jack McCallum
Hitting the Highway

January 17, 1994 | Edited by Jack McCallum
When President Clinton visited the Arkansas basketball locker room following the Razorbacks' 129-63 win over Texas Southern on Dec. 28, coach Nolan Richardson presented him with a pair of...

January 17, 1994 | Edited by Jack McCallum
SI's projected first round of the April NFL draft includes 10 nonseniors (shown in color), four of them in the first five picks of the draft. Note that only the first 20 draft positions were...

January 17, 1994 | Edited by Jack McCallum
•Arnold Weber (SCORECARD, Jan. 10), the president of Northwestern and a front-runner for the barely remembered office of baseball commissioner, is a member of the board of directors of the Tribune...

January 17, 1994 | Edited by Jack McCallum
When the Pro-Line Cap Co., a leading manufacturer of athletic caps, was told by federal inspectors that one of its plants near Fort Worth did not have enough women's rest rooms to accommodate its...

January 17, 1994 | Edited by Jack McCallum
Jim CourierThe former world's No. 1-ranked tennis player, on his current slump: "At the moment, my best surface is my bed."

January 17, 1994 | E.M. Swift

January 17, 1994 | Peter King

January 17, 1994 | Douglas S. Looney
In OT, Joe Montana, Marcus Allen and Nick Lowery led Kansas City past Pittsburgh

January 17, 1994 | Rick Telander
Green Bay was better armed in a victory over Detroit

January 17, 1994 | Paul Zimmerman
The Vikings succumbed to the Giants and the dreaded winds

January 17, 1994 | Steve Rushin
As MJ takes BP, we mull over the baseball potential of a man who might excel at any sport

January 17, 1994 | Jaime Diaz
Phil Mickelson and Jack Nicklaus showed their mettle by winning the Mercedes titles

January 17, 1994 | Mark Mulvoy
In his 10 years of covering golf, SI senior writer Jaime Diaz has discovered one of the cruel ironies of life as a golfing golf scribe. "I watch the best players at the best golf courses in the...

January 17, 1994 | E.M. Swift

January 17, 1994 | Rick Reilly

January 17, 1994 | Hank Hersch
On the morning of Jan. 3, six days before he would announce The Decision, Tennessee junior quarterback Heath Shuler was shifting about in a stand of trees, staring aimlessly into the north Alabama...

January 17, 1994 | Tim Crothers
In North American Indian lore they were known as shamans, wizened sages who counseled the tribes. But by the late 18th century the white man had stolen most of the Algonquians' territories, erased...

January 17, 1994 | William F. Reed
Even if you're college basketball's most surprising newcomer, it's not easy to generate a lot of ESPN-grabbing, headline-making stuff when you have one of the plainest names on the planet. What,...

January 17, 1994 | Tim Kurkjian
The No. 1 Problem

January 17, 1994 | Tim Kurkjian
MenDonyell Marshall, Connecticut's 6'9" junior forward, averaged 26.5 points, 9.5 rebounds and 3.0 blocks as the Huskies defeated Georgetown 77-65 and Boston College 77-71.

January 17, 1994 | Kelli Anderson
And Hold the Veggies. Now that 240-pound Kentucky center Rodney Dent is out for the season, coach Rick Pitino fears that his team is too skinny. He has ordered Walter McCarty, a 6'9", 210-pound...

January 17, 1994 | Phil Taylor
Point, Counterpoint

January 17, 1994 | Leigh Montville
On the brink of losing its football team, Boston fights—finally—to keep the Pats

January 17, 1994
Tripp SchwenkSARASOTA, FLA.Schwenk, a 22-year-old senior at Tennessee, won the 100- and 200-meter backstroke and was on the world-record-setting 4 X 100 medley relay team at the Short Course World...