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February 07, 1994 | Volume 80, Issue 5

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Emmitt Smith Cover - Sports Illustrated February 07, 1994

February 07, 1994 | Mark Mulvoy
She has not skied in France. She has not skied in Banff. She has not skied in Aspen or Sundance. SI senior editor Sandy Bailey has not skied, period. This is relevant only because in her 12 years...

February 07, 1994 | Leigh Montville
He sat in the stands in Albertville in 1992, a spectator at short-track skating. This was not Eric Flaim's event. He was a long-track speed skater, accustomed to taking those long, almost lonesome...

February 07, 1994 | Ian Thomsen
Italians refer to 1992 Olympic champion Deborah Compagnoni as "Tombagnoni," the female Tomba. They have the romantic notion that she might bless Alberto with her wholesomeness. She insists that it...

February 07, 1994 | Alexander Wolff
The best hockey player outside the NHL skates for MoDo, a team in Sweden named after a company that builds wastepaper-recycling plants. There's rich felicity in that: Peter Forsberg, the...

February 07, 1994 | Ned Zeman
True, 1989 was a watershed time for Romanians. But for the country's athletes there was just one tiny problem: When Nicolae Ceausescu's murderous communist regime collapsed, so did Romania's...

February 07, 1994 | Jay Feldman
The International Fair Play trophy honors good sportsmanship

February 07, 1994 | Alexander Wolff
Falko Zandstra, Holland's world champion speed skater, will tick off his fastest results at the slightest invitation. There was that time he went 280. There was that 255 and—ho hum—that 245. You...

February 07, 1994 | Anita Verschoth
Look for Albertville's stars to shine again In Lillehammer

February 07, 1994 | William Oscar Johnson
In a few short years Norway has come roaring back as a Winter Olympic power

February 07, 1994
Flora BighairHARDIN, MONT.

February 07, 1994
"I would like nothing more than to see a Dream Game become reality and not just a work of fiction."RICH HOLLENBERG, RIVER VALE, N.J.

February 07, 1994
Downhill Tragedy

February 07, 1994
According to state officials in Minnesota, athletic shoes that contain blinking lights in their soles, a current fad among schoolchildren, might pose an environmental threat when thrown away,...

February 07, 1994
Charles Barkley On Tonya Harding's calling herself the Charles Barkley of figure skating: "I was going to sue her for defamation of character, but then I realized that I have no character."

February 07, 1994 | Paul Zimmerman
Dallas bashed Buffalo in their Super Bowl rematch, as miscues made the Bills four-time losers

February 07, 1994 | Rick Telander
It wasn't as if Cowboy safety James Washington had played a bad first half—he had had six solo tackles and had forced a fumble by the lime the Judds' country lovefest began—it was just that in the...

February 07, 1994 | Leigh Montville
All the best performers, best quotes and best moves weren't found on the field or in the locker room at the Georgia Dome

February 07, 1994 | Sally Jenkins
Top-ranked Pete Sampras and Steffi Graf smashed all challengers in Australian Open

February 07, 1994 | Kelly Whiteside
Penn State's Lady Lions are unbeaten, No. 1 rated and having a ball in Happy Valley

February 07, 1994 | Phil Taylor
Being traded for one another will always link NBA rookies Anfernee Hardaway and Chris Webber

February 07, 1994 | Austin Murphy
The expansion Florida Panthers are (surprise!) shooting for a playoff spot

February 07, 1994 | Shelly Smith
Forget Tinkerbell. From the glitz and the fairy dust that brought Disney's Mighty Ducks to the NHL has emerged one tough hockey team.

February 07, 1994 | E.M. Swift
The U.S.'s figure skating scandal has indelibly marred the Lillehammer Games

February 07, 1994 | E.M. Swift
Having triumphed over tragedy, Oksana Baiul eyes the Games

February 07, 1994 | Alexander Wolff
The higher they soar, the harder they fall

February 07, 1994 | Steve Rushin
In athletes anonymous, February is the coolest month

February 07, 1994 | Steve Rushin
4 Evelyn AshfordAthletics1984 (2) 1988 (1) 1992 (1)

February 07, 1994 | E.M. Swift
What's wrong with U.S. skiing? Sit down, this may take awhile

February 07, 1994 | Jaime Diaz
Slamming the Door

February 07, 1994 | Rick Lipsey
He has four feet and no head. Connected to his one arm are two hands, each with three fingers. He has neither hair nor eyes nor mouth. Five feet high, six feet wide and seven feet thick, he weighs...

February 07, 1994 | John Garrity
The annual PGA Merchandise Show in Orlando had everything golfers need, much they don't