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February 28, 1994 | Volume 80, Issue 8

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Bonnie Blair Cover - Sports Illustrated February 28, 1994

February 28, 1994
Les GutchesMEDFORD, ORE.

February 28, 1994 | Edited by Jack McCallum

February 28, 1994 | Edited by Jack McCallum
A Minneapolis lawyer, David Anderson, is marketing the Tonya Tapper, a product he describes as a metal baton with a rubber grip to be used as "a nonlethal defensive device."

February 28, 1994 | Edited by Jack McCallum
Ed LynchNew York Met executive: "There's something about Nancy Kerrigan that reminds me of Ryne Sandberg, and something about Tonya Harding that reminds me of Lenny Dykstra."

February 28, 1994 | Alexander Wolff

February 28, 1994 | William Oscar Johnson

February 28, 1994 | Steve Rushin
Together again, Tonya Harding and Nancy Kerrigan starred in their own soap opera

February 28, 1994 | Leigh Montville

February 28, 1994 | Mark Mulvoy
Say this for senior writer E.M. Swift, he doesn't pull his punches. In his story on the Olympic men's figure skating competition (page 50), Swift suggests that the judges were stiff-necked when...

February 28, 1994 | E.M. Swift
A new generation took over as the old guard took spills

February 28, 1994 | E.M. Swift
They were little more than children when they won their first gold medal six years ago in Calgary, a pair of great-looking kids thrown together by the Soviet sports system. "I was 16, and...

February 28, 1994 | Sandy Bailey
The site of the bobsled and luge run isn't much more than a patch of sunlight between the trees of the Hunderfossen woods, just enough bare hillside to throw down a twisting snake of ice around...

February 28, 1994 | Jeff Lilley
In the free time between her races in Lillehammer, Russian cross-country skier Lyubov Egorova read Memories of a Czarist Family, a book about the Romanovs, Russia's last imperial family, whose...

February 28, 1994 | Alexander Wolff
Ski jumpers make a career of going up and coming down, but for the past decade Jens Weissflog of Germany, winner of Olympic gold on the large hill Sunday, has had more than his share of ups and downs.

February 28, 1994 | Bruce Newman
Sterling Marlin shattered his Winston Cup winless streak with a victory in the Daytona 500

February 28, 1994 | Pat Putnam
A bloodied Humberto Gonzalez, all 5'1" of him, ripped the light flyweight title

February 28, 1994 | Tim Kurkjian
By early indications, Michael Jordan's bid to play with the Chicago White Sox is still a long shot

February 28, 1994 | Bruce Newman

February 28, 1994 | Gary Smith
Temple basketball coach John Chaney uses all his rage and passion to carve life's complexity down to a few simple certainties

February 28, 1994
"Like Lett, the Cowboys overcame adversity, proving that America's Team is the team of the '90s."PETE DAL BELLO, SANTA BARBARA, CALIF.

February 28, 1994 | Kelli Anderson
State of Frenzy

February 28, 1994 | Kelli Anderson
An Up-and-down Player. With a fifth-place standing in the Big East through Sunday, Villanova is one of the surprise teams of the season. The Wildcats were picked in the preseason to be a...

February 28, 1994 | Kelli Anderson
MenOrlando Williams, a 6-foot junior guard for Oregon, averaged 32.5 points and six rebounds as the Ducks defeated Washington 86-71 and Washington State 98-87 in two road games.

February 28, 1994 | Phil Taylor
The Winners Are...

February 28, 1994 | Michael Farber
The Olympic hockey tournament needs a boost from the NHL's best players