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March 07, 1994 | Volume 80, Issue 9

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David Robinson Cover - Sports Illustrated March 07, 1994

March 07, 1994
Susan HarkinsEAST HAVEN, CONN.Harkins, 33, a chemistry teacher and powerlifter, set a women's world record in the 114-to 123-pound sub-master division when she deadlifted 277½ pounds. Harkins, the...

March 07, 1994 | Edited by Jack McCallum

March 07, 1994 | Edited by Jack McCallum
Madonna's Latest boy toy is reported to be Miami Heat guard Brian Shaw, hardly her first sports squeeze. Dating the Material Girl would seem to be a fatiguing proposition, even for an athlete, but...

March 07, 1994 | Edited by Jack McCallum
Taxpayers in British Columbia will pay 37-year-old Allan Roe Coulter—who is serving a nine-year sentence for armed robbery—$18,750 in damages because he fractured his hip while playing racquetball...

March 07, 1994 | Edited by Jack McCallum
Rick GentileThe senior vice president of CBS Sports, on hosts Greg Gumbel's Olympic performance: "He filled the Greg Gumbel role very well."

March 07, 1994 | E.M. Swift

March 07, 1994 | Michael Farber
Peter Forsberg's magnificent move in a climactic shoot-out nudged Sweden past Canada

March 07, 1994 | Michael Farber
The kids went to the grown-up party. They had a lot of energy, so sometimes they ran around and acted crazy. And they kept getting sent to their rooms for two minutes for misbehaving. The...

March 07, 1994 | Leigh Montville
Cathy Turner of the U.S. won a gold but not many friends with her aggressive style

March 07, 1994 | Sandy Bailey
Overly warm runners left the U.S. bobsled team out in the cold

March 07, 1994 | Mark Mulvoy
Some people decorate their workspaces with photographs, others with bric-a-brac, still others with plants. Gabe Miller likes to fill his office with as many bags of used clothing as possible....

March 07, 1994 | William Oscar Johnson
With five medals, Nordic specialist Manuela Di Centa of Italy outshone all others at the Games

March 07, 1994 | Alexander Wolff
Unassuming Bonnie Blair sped to victory in the 1,000 meters to become the U.S.'s most gilded woman Olympian ever

March 07, 1994 | Steve Wulf

March 07, 1994 | Phil Taylor

March 07, 1994 | Shelley Smith
The Taunts are vicious and vulgar, laced with profanity and sexual innuendo. And when some of her opponents and their fans tire of berating Ila Borders, they take on her coach, who, they say, is...

March 07, 1994 | Hank Hersch
Here are two things worth noting about Jervaughn Scales, the 6'6", 223-pound senior power forward from Southern University, who leads men's NCAA Division I basketball in rebounding (14.7 a game)...

March 07, 1994 | Franz Lidz
Lots of guys go to the racetrack and get taken to the cleaners. But nobody has ever done it quite like Carlos León did. On Feb. 21 the 30-year-old North Miami clothes presser ducked work...

March 07, 1994 | Rick Reilly

March 07, 1994
"I realize that it is still early in '94, but...Dan Jansen for Sportsman of the Year!"JAMES R. EWING. LOS ANGELES

March 07, 1994 | John Walters
The women of Mitchell College owe their record to a grateful grad

March 07, 1994 | John Grossmann
A visit to a tiny library at Haverford College can help demystify the sport

March 07, 1994 | William F. Reed
Behold These Tigers

March 07, 1994 | William F. Reed
MenPurdue's 6'8" junior forward, Glenn Robinson, the nation's leading scorer, had 70 points and 15 rebounds as the Boilermakers beat Ohio State 95-85 and Penn State 71-66.

March 07, 1994 | Tim Crothers
Next week is Championship Week on ESPN, meaning we can look forward to 1) an orgy of exciting conference-tournament finals, and 2) an unendurable dose of Dick Vitale. Dicky Vee is not without his...

March 07, 1994 | Tim Kurkjian

March 07, 1994 | Stu Hackel
For 41 years Boston fans have listened to Fred Cusick's play-by-play

March 07, 1994 | Stephanie Diaz
Geriatric geldings savor their twilight years at Grace Belcuore's ranch

March 07, 1994 | Leigh Montville
The Lillehammer Games, says the disbelieving author, were simply too good to be true