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March 14, 1994 | Volume 80, Issue 10

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Michael Jordan Cover - Sports Illustrated March 14, 1994

March 14, 1994
Bob FischerNEWARKFischer, 53, won the 500-, 800-, 1,000-and 1,500-meter races in the over-50 age group at the national long-track speed skating championships. Fischer, who just missed making the...

March 14, 1994 | Edited by Jack McCallum

March 14, 1994 | Edited by Jack McCallum
It's been an unusually rich year for elbows, insults and other aggravations around the NBA this season, particularly in Chicago. We hereby present for your guilty pleasure a few of the tangled...

March 14, 1994 | Steve Wulf
Try as he might, Michael Jordan has found baseball beyond his grasp

March 14, 1994 | Hank Hersch
Danny Manning's acquisition by Atlanta has given the Hawks a leg up in the East

March 14, 1994 | Rick Reilly

March 14, 1994 | Peter King
Big, young, talented and inexperienced, Scott Mitchell, the former backup quarterback for the Miami Dolphins, was in prime position to profit—and how!—from the NFL's new world of free agency

March 14, 1994 | Richard Hoffer

March 14, 1994 | Mark Mulvoy
Mantle and Maris. Montana and Rice. Russell and Cousy. Of all the great tandems in sports, none can match Bob and Bub for consistency. In their 10 years as SI couriers, Bob Ryan and Bub Watson...

March 14, 1994 | Bruce Newman

March 14, 1994 | Bruce Newman
Last Thursday the man of the moment was on his way to make the news of the moment in Aspen, Colo.—"news," in this case, being loosely defined as anything that might happen to tumble out of his...

March 14, 1994 | Merrell Noden
No matter how fast Gwen Torrence's legs move, the fastest thing about her may be her mouth, which on occasion has run too fast for her own good. "Gwen's a very honest person," says Brad Hunt, her...

March 14, 1994 | Tom Verducci
At the baseball owners' meeting in Scottsdale, Ariz., last week, National League senior vice president Phyllis Collins handed a piece of paper to Leonard S. Coleman and asked him for some samples...

March 14, 1994 | Gilbert Rogin

March 14, 1994
"What a beautiful cover. Good things certainly come in threes."RICK DUTTENHOFER, BOCA RATON, FLA.

March 14, 1994 | Austin Murphy

March 14, 1994 | William F. Reed
Ready to Repeat?

March 14, 1994 | William F. Reed
MenCarlos Rogers, a 6'11" senior, averaged 29.7 points as Tennessee State swept Middle Tennessee, Tennessee Tech and Murray State to gain an NCAA tournament bid.

March 14, 1994 | Kelli Anderson
A Long Goodbye.Last Friday 71-year-old Hofstra coach Butch van Breda Kolff, retiring after a career that spanned 41 seasons and some 1,400 games at the high school, college and pro levels, took a...

March 14, 1994 | Phil Taylor
Pipe Down, Pippen

March 14, 1994 | Rick Reilly
The prattle emanating from sports talk shows is polluting the air waves