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July 11, 1994 | Volume 81, Issue 2

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Pete Sampras Cover - Sports Illustrated July 11, 1994

July 11, 1994 | Edited by Jack McCallum
High-Speed Commuter

July 11, 1994 | Edited by Jack McCallum
No number of end-zone dances or group hugs on the ice could have prepared American fans for the over-the-top, adrenaline-fueled explosions of ecstasy that have followed goals in the World Cup. We...

July 11, 1994 | Edited by Jack McCallum
New York Governor Mario Cuomo recently signed legislation that will allow jockeys in the state to wear advertising logos on their boots, pants and turtlenecks.

July 11, 1994 | Edited by Jack McCallum
Ken Griffey Jr.Seattle Mariner centerfielder, on his quest for the major league home run record: "I don't worry about the past. The homers will take care of the future. And that will make the...

July 11, 1994 | S.L. Price

July 11, 1994 | Alexander Wolff
Brazil was too much for a gutty but overmatched U.S. team

July 11, 1994 | Jack McCallum
A Colombian player was slain because of a mistake he made in a loss to the U.S.

July 11, 1994 | Michael Farber
Glenn Robinson and Ed Jovanovski, the No. 1 picks in basketball and hockey, respectively, offer a study in contrasts

July 11, 1994 | Chad Millman
The barnstorming Fredrickson boys were a baseball sensation of the 1920s

July 11, 1994 | Stephanie Diaz
At 87, Johnny Longden has been rejuvenated by a sleepy-eyed colt

July 11, 1994
"Talking about sports that need rule changes, how is baseball supposed to survive when games often take upwards of three hours?"CHRISTOPHER J. LALONDE, RIDGEWOOD, N.J.

July 11, 1994 | John Garrity
Duke-bound Alaskan basketball star Trajan Langdon is playing baseball in the minors

July 11, 1994 | Tim Kurkjian
After two World Series wins, the Toronto Blue Jays have crash-landed

July 11, 1994 | Robert Frost
For this 1956 SI Classic, America's greatest living poet sat in the grandstand and mused about an all-American affair, baseball's All-Star Game

July 11, 1994 | Gary Smith
During his 37-year career Buddy Ryan, new coach of the Arizona Cardinals, has inspired two emotions: love and hate

July 11, 1994
Pam FernandesBRIGHTON, MASS.

July 11, 1994 | Christopher Botta
The Audiblizer will stop noisy crowds from drowning out signals

July 11, 1994 | Tim Crothers
The game's most convenient tool has a most confounding history

July 11, 1994 | Bill Beuttler
His good manners aside, Cliff Swain seldom spares his opponents

July 11, 1994 | Tim Kurkjian
The Big Whiff

July 11, 1994 | Tim Kurkjian
Don't Blame Mark. Last Friday the Orioles and the Angels tied a major league record by combining to hit 11 home runs in one game, with at least one homer coming in each of the first seven innings....

July 11, 1994 | Tom Verducci
Dwight Gooden's suspension is further evidence of the folly of worshiping sports stars