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August 08, 1994 | Volume 81, Issue 6

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Frank Thomas Cover - Sports Illustrated August 08, 1994

August 08, 1994 | Rick Reilly

August 08, 1994 | Alan Shipnuck

August 08, 1994 | Tim Kurkjian
Kenny Rogers of the Texas Rangers joined an elite group of perfect-game hurlers

August 08, 1994 | Peter King
Coughlans, the hopping place on Friday nights in the western New York hamlet of Fredonia, is wall-to-wall people on this particular evening, and one of the reasons is that the boys are back in...

August 08, 1994
"Hey, Buddy, the war is over. Football is only a game."ERIC STEIN, TEANECK, N.J.

August 08, 1994 | Arnold Roth
For most of SI's 40-year history, our pages have been enlivened by one of America's wittiest artists. These 1981 Roth's-eye views of spring training, and the illustrations that follow, show Roth...

August 08, 1994 | Tim Rosaforte
At age 24, U.S. Open champ Ernie Els of South Africa is hailed as golf's future best in show

August 08, 1994 | Robert Horn
Hackers come from all over Japan to worship at the shrine of the golf goddess

August 08, 1994 | Michael Finkel
An innovative wheelchair lets disabled athletes hit mountain hiking trails

August 08, 1994 | Franz Lidz
Tricia Saunders is the first—and only—U.S. woman to win a world wrestling title

August 08, 1994 | Nicholas Dawidoff
None other than the Babe deemed Yale Field a grand place to play ball

August 08, 1994 | Merrell Noden

August 08, 1994
Meredith QuickLAKEWOOD, COLO.

August 08, 1994 | Michael Finkel
Once played only in Southeast Asia, takraw has gained a foothold in the U.S.

August 08, 1994 | Tim Kurkjian
Expo Economics

August 08, 1994 | Tim Kurkjian
Most Valuable Penmanship. The best handwriting in the American League belongs to Oriole coach Jerry Narron, who, using a cartridge pen, fills out Baltimore's lineup card in calligraphy (below)....

August 08, 1994 | Alexander Wolff
As the Goodwill Games proved anew, not every U.S. basketball squad is a dream team

August 08, 1994 | Edited by Franz Lidz and Richard O'Brien

August 08, 1994 | Edited by Franz Lidz and Richard O'Brien
Lee Smith, the $1.5 million-a-year reliever for the Baltimore Orioles, admitted he has been stockpiling autographed bats in his locker so he "can sell them during a strike."

August 08, 1994 | Edited by Franz Lidz and Richard O'Brien
John KrukPhiladelphia Phillie first baseman, after learning that his abdominal pain resulted from a strained stomach muscle: "At least now I know I have a muscle in my stomach."