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September 05, 1994 | Volume 81, Issue 10

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Will Wolford Cover - Sports Illustrated September 05, 1994

September 05, 1994 | Paul Zimmerman
Offensive guards in NFL are mostly failed tackles. Arms not long enough? Feet not quick enough? Nerves not steely enough? No problem. Move him inside to guard, where there's a crowd, where there's...

September 05, 1994 | Paul Zimmerman
In this cap-astrophic era of pro football the idealists are quickly reduced to realists. At first the idealists say, "O.K., we'll build a team with just the right mix of young and old. of...

September 05, 1994 | Edited by Jack McCallum and Kelli Anderson
With Fans Like This....

September 05, 1994 | Edited by Jack McCallum and Kelli Anderson
PGA player Robert Gamez quite possibly set a course record for vacuity in the September issue of Golf Magazine. When asked to name his favorite topic of conversation or debate, the 26-year-old...

September 05, 1994 | Edited by Jack McCallum and Kelli Anderson
As of noon Monday, radio station WJMP-AM in Akron had played Take Me Out to the Ballgame—nothing else—15,366 times since Aug. 12 to protest the baseball strike and had received no complaints.

September 05, 1994 | Edited by Jack McCallum and Kelli Anderson
Antonio LanghamThe Cleveland Brown rookie defensive back, on his contract that defers most of his salary until after the season: "I figured I could survive with a half-million dollars until March...

September 05, 1994 | Paul Zimmerman
Thanksgiving day, 1993. Detroit Lion left tackle Lomas Brown versus Chicago Bear right defensive end Richard Dent. Good day for Dent, bad day for Brown, one of his worst. It was so bad that after...

September 05, 1994 | Paul Zimmerman
Draft day 1981 signaled the opening of the Golden Era of the San Francisco 49ers. That day, the Niners nailed three immediate starters in the secondary, including Ronnie Lott. It was an...

September 05, 1994 | Paul Zimmerman
Peter King: COWBOYS 27, RAIDERS 22Dr.Z: 49ERS 27, RAIDERS 17

September 05, 1994 | Austin Murphy
Both hail from Georgia, where they were high school rivals, and both ended up as tackles for the San Francisco 49ers, where they are now the twin pillars of football's finest offensive line. But...

September 05, 1994 | John Ed Bradley
The quiet strength that made Art Shell the game's best left tackle has also made him the rock-solid coach of the Raiders

September 05, 1994 | Peter King

September 05, 1994 | Peter King
This season cowboy running back Emmitt Smith will try to become the second back ever to win four straight NFL rushing titles, a feat previously accomplished only by Jim Brown (32, below), who...

September 05, 1994 | Roy Blount Jr.

September 05, 1994 | Tim Rosaforte
Tiger Woods won the U.S. Amateur in dramatic, history-making fashion

September 05, 1994 | Ken McAlpine
Jeremy McGrath, all of 22, has run his rivals into the ground

September 05, 1994 | David Fleming
In a lake in Ohio, one huge catfish is outsmarting all anglers

September 05, 1994 | John Grossmann
An age-old game of marbles is still the rage in Kentucky and Tennessee

September 05, 1994 | Richard Hoffer
Expect lots of interference when NFL quarterbacks buckle up the new radio helmets

September 05, 1994 | Sally Jenkins

September 05, 1994 | Leigh Montville
A modest collection of teams in the heartland has grown in 75 years into a colossus—and America's favorite game

September 05, 1994 | E.M. Swift
The NFL's new salary structure has put added pressure on high-priced rookies to step in and perform right away

September 05, 1994
While professional teams belong to their respective owners economically, they belong to their fans in deeper and more meaningful ways.JEFFREY W. ADKINS, VIRGINIA BEACH, VA.

September 05, 1994 | Paul Zimmerman
Once overlooked, the left tackle is now a highly valued specialist. Some of the best at the position, in vintage uniforms to honor the NFL's 75th anniversary, show why they are finally getting respect

September 05, 1994 | Mark Mandernach
Fred Gehrke got out his brushes and changed helmets forever

September 05, 1994 | Michael Finkel
In Scotland you can find flounder by baring your soles

September 05, 1994 | William Nack
The spoils earned by Colt left tackle Will Wolford have let him realize his dream of owning top thoroughbreds

September 05, 1994 | William F. Reed
Cal Hubbard, a Packer and Giant stalwart in the NFL's first decade, set the stage for all the superb tackles who followed

September 05, 1994 | Paul Zimmerman
Jim Parker led the charge at tackle and guard for the John Unitas—led Colts

September 05, 1994 | Chad Millman
Actually, Weehawken Stadium, atop the Lincoln Tunnel, is a pretty fair field

September 05, 1994 | Richard Hoffer
That's what every NFL prospect tries to do when he sits down to take the Wonderlic IQ test

September 05, 1994
Aronda PrimaultCANTON, OHIO

September 05, 1994 | Peter King
In each of the last three years, it was a favorite pastime around the league to look for reasons why the Buffalo Bills wouldn't make it to the Super Bowl—again. Here are this year's reasons, in...

September 05, 1994 | Kelly Whiteside
Training camp turned into summer camp at a recent Miami Dolphin practice as several players gathered at the water cooler, like kids around an open fire hydrant, filled their helmets with water and...

September 05, 1994 | Peter King
In January, the last time we looked in on the Pittsburgh Steelers, they were missing only two things in their quest for the AFC championship: a deep receiving threat with good hands and...

September 05, 1994 | Austin Murphy
St. Vincent College in Latrobe, Pa., adjacent to a Benedictine monastery, is where the Pittsburgh Steelers go every summer to hit one another. Players are quartered in Bonaventure Hall, behind...

September 05, 1994 | Peter King
The AFC west is so strong that when any of its teams loses a road game within the division, it will not be considered an upset. Not only is this the league's premier collection of teams, but it...

September 05, 1994 | Austin Murphy
It was a friendly round of character assassination to pass the time. Denver Bronco guards Dave Widell and Brian Habib were relaxing between two-a-days in late July. The arrival of a reporter...

September 05, 1994 | Paul Zimmerman
Did you happen to have a chance to watch the against the Denver Broncos in their Aug. 21 preseason game? Were you as impressed with the Cowboys as I was? Dallas won the game 34-10, going at it as...