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October 17, 1994 | Volume 81, Issue 16

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Natrone Means Cover - Sports Illustrated October 17, 1994

October 17, 1994 | Edited by Jack McCallum and Richard O'Brien
A Good, Hard Check

October 17, 1994 | Edited by Jack McCallum and Richard O'Brien
After spending the 1953 football season as an assistant coach at Washington, Lou Saban, then 32, left to take the same job at Northwestern. "All coaches change jobs, especially when they're...

October 17, 1994 | Edited by Jack McCallum and Richard O'Brien
As part of an introductory legal skills course, all first-year students at Harvard Law School are being required to read Juice: The O.J. Simpson Tragedy, an "instant book" published by Globe, a...

October 17, 1994 | Edited by Jack McCallum and Richard O'Brien
Sergei NemchinovNew York Ranger center, on the NHL lockout: "This wouldn't happen in Russia."

October 17, 1994 | Tom Verducci

October 17, 1994
Lawrence (N.J.) High's Mark Anderson appeared to tackle Nottingham High's Mike Brown with his face in last Saturday's game.

October 17, 1994 | Sally Jenkins
Martina Hingis turned pro and another 14-year-old, Venus Williams, is about to, though almost everyone agrees they're too young

October 17, 1994 | Michael Farber
While the NHL slumbers, the International Hockey League is giving crowds a rousing time

October 17, 1994 | S.L. Price

October 17, 1994
I eagerly await your 50th-anniversary issue, which, I trust, will include Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, Mickey Mantle and Willie Mays.HUGH M. RODGERS, EAST RUTHERFORD, N.J.

October 17, 1994 | John Walters
Boston College beat Notre Dame for the second straight year, this time with ease

October 17, 1994 | Tim Layden
Colorado State took Arizona's Desert Swarm by storm

October 17, 1994 | William F. Reed
It has been a grim year at Kentucky, where a player was murdered and the coach's wife threatened

October 17, 1994 | Peter King

October 17, 1994 | Jay Feldman
How did Tom Amberry set the world free throw record? Focus, focus, focus

October 17, 1994 | Jaime Diaz
Young Tiger Woods was a winner again, this time at the World Amateur Team Championship

October 17, 1994 | Rick Telander

October 17, 1994 | Stephanie Diaz
Team Valor offers anyone a chance to own a piece of a pricey thoroughbred

October 17, 1994 | Amy Nutt
Combining sports and embroidery changed the life of jailed felon Ray Materson

October 17, 1994 | Caroline Alexander
To bring nations together, Lynne Cox swims across troubled waters

October 17, 1994 | Kostya Kennedy
Marshall's Chris Parker survived a tragic accident to excel on the gridiron

October 17, 1994 | Jim Gullo
Conquerors of Mount Everest have left its base camps awash in garbage

October 17, 1994 | Peter King
Out of Alignment

October 17, 1994 | Peter King
Like most teams, the Bears have specific statistical goals that they hope to achieve every week. In their training complex are magnetic boards used to illustrate coach Dave Wannstedt's game-stat...

October 17, 1994 | Michael Ray Taylor
The action is fast and furious at the national chuckwagon races

October 17, 1994 | Kelli Anderson
The U.S. men's heavyweight eight is back on top of the world

October 17, 1994 | John Walters
Changing Signals

October 17, 1994 | John Walters
OffenseWashington senior Napoleon Kaufman gained 254 yards on 27 carries in a 34-20 win over San Jose State, the most yards for a Husky since Hugh McElhenny ran for 296 in 1950.

October 17, 1994 | Bruce Newman
A long ride as one of auto racing's great drivers came to an end for Mario Andretti

October 17, 1994
Tiffany YickSAN FRANCISCOYick, 23, led the Just Volleyball team to the women's title for the third consecutive year and was named MVP for the second straight time at the North American Chinese...