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January 23, 1995 | Volume 82, Issue 3

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Steve Young Cover - Sports Illustrated January 23, 1995

January 23, 1995 | Edited by Alexander Wolff

January 23, 1995 | Edited by Alexander Wolff
The all-woman crew of America³ drew most of the attention as the defenders series for the America's Cup began last week off San Diego—especially after beating Dennis Conner's Stars and Stripes in...

January 23, 1995 | Edited by Alexander Wolff
A man in Troy, N.Y., has received a U.S. patent for a table-or wall-mounted mechanical arm designed to give a sports fan watching a game alone on television a high five after an exciting play.

January 23, 1995 | Edited by Alexander Wolff
Craig KilbornESPN anchor, on notoriously porous Washington Bullet forward Don MacLean, who got into a brawl while defending a girlfriend: "That's the first person he's defended this year."

January 23, 1995 | Rick Telander

January 23, 1995 | Michael Silver

January 23, 1995 | E.M. Swift

January 23, 1995 | Mark Mulvoy
When SI's new assistant managing editor, Paul Witteman, reviews his basketball career as a guard for the Middlebury College Panthers in 1963-64 and '64-65, he claims to have been the worst player...

January 23, 1995 | Gerry Callahan

January 23, 1995
Matt DowninHAMPSTEAD, N.H.

January 23, 1995 | Jack McCallum
After picking Penn State, Dan Kendra, the nation's top prep player, made a new call: Florida State

January 23, 1995 | Leigh Montville
His glory days but a faint memory, Roberto Durán wants to keep fighting, even after a lopsided second loss to Vinny Pazienza

January 23, 1995 | Richard Hoffer
Surprising stars, fresh legs and a wily coach have helped lift Los Angeles from its doldrums

January 23, 1995 | Tim Kurkjian

January 23, 1995 | Michael Farber

January 23, 1995
I had all but forgotten about true sportsmen. My faith in athletes has been restored.ALLISON SAARELA, KENOSHA, WIS.

January 23, 1995 | Ashley McGeachy
With knee pads and wrist guards in place beneath the requisite baggy clothes, I headed out with a snowboard under my arm and apprehension in my heart. I had learned to windsurf last summer. Now my...

January 23, 1995 | Tim Crothers

January 23, 1995 | Rick Reilly
The University of Miami football coaching vacancy can't be filled by just anyone

January 23, 1995 | Tim Rosaforte
Fond Farewell Tour

January 23, 1995 | Jaime Diaz