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March 13, 1995 | Volume 82, Issue 10

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Andre Agassi Cover - Sports Illustrated March 13, 1995

March 13, 1995

March 13, 1995 | Edited by Alexander Wolff And Christian Stone

March 13, 1995 | Edited by Alexander Wolff And Christian Stone
Baseball executives, mindful that regular-season games involving replacement players will likely count even if the strike is settled, began shaking up their rosters with a new urgency last week....

March 13, 1995 | Edited by Alexander Wolff And Christian Stone
Last week's Northeast Conference basketball tournament featured Marist's Kareem Hill, Abdu-Allah (Abdul) Torrence of St. Francis (N.Y.) and Rider's Jabaar Jones. Alas, none could skyhook a place...

March 13, 1995 | Edited by Alexander Wolff And Christian Stone
The Barrel Man, who once served as the Denver Broncos' unofficial mascot while attending games clad in little more than a wooden barrel, is the subject of a forthcoming biography.

March 13, 1995 | Edited by Alexander Wolff And Christian Stone
Steve BlassPittsburgh Pirate broadcaster, on Buc replacement player Jimmy Boudreau, who last appeared professionally in 1986: "He should have been better, pitching on 3,195 days rest."

March 13, 1995 | Phil Taylor
In taking on three pivot legends in one week, Orlando's Shaquille O'Neal rises to the test

March 13, 1995 | E.M. Swift
In the worst disaster in Cup history, an Australian boat broke up in heavy seas and almost immediately sank

March 13, 1995 | Kelly Whiteside
At Dodgertown, as at other spring camps, fans swore off games played by no-names

March 13, 1995 | Merrell Noden
Lance Deal was the brightest star of the U.S. Indoors, even though his event seldom sees the light of day

March 13, 1995 | Gerry Callahan
Jaromir Jagr of the Pittsburgh Penguins has blossomed into a major force

March 13, 1995
Jacque Vaughn is a true role model. It's good to see that not every scholarship athlete wings it through college.MICHAEL ROTH, PLAINVIEW, N.Y.

March 13, 1995 | E.M. Swift
Shannon Miller is the latest in her sport to learn that time takes its toll

March 13, 1995 | Ed Hinton
The Rams' planned move to St. Louis could turn out to be a nonstarter

March 13, 1995 | Jack McCallum
Crusty Jud Heathcote of Michigan State is calling it quits after 45 years in coaching—and he's going out a winner

March 13, 1995 | Sally Jenkins
He's beaten his demons, he's won over Brooke Shields. Could Andre Agassi be all grown up?

March 13, 1995 | Gerry Callahan
Close Doesn't Count

March 13, 1995
Replacement spring training games began with the national anthem, but a moment of silence seemed more appropriate.

March 13, 1995 | Mark Mulvoy
The starting gun sounded a few seconds after 9:15 a.m. on Feb. 28 in New York City. Associate art director Magdalena Deskur, live days overdue for delivery of her second child, left her Brooklyn...

March 13, 1995 | Walter Bingham
Byron Nelson and Jug McSpaden, one-two on last year's money list, dominated the Miami Four-Ball

March 13, 1995 | Tim Crothers
Top players from around the world gathered in Miami, giving Doral the year's best field

March 13, 1995 | Tim Rosaforte
Bury Those Bogeys

March 13, 1995 | Tim Rosaforte
The Alfred Dunhill Challenge, which pitted a team from Southern Africa against one from Australasia two weeks ago in Johannesburg, South Africa, is another Ryder Cup imitation, but with one big...

March 13, 1995 | John Garrity
Published 60 years after it was written, Alister Mackenzie's last Book stands the test of time

March 13, 1995 | Austin Murphy
Jim Colbert has found a rich life on the Senior PGA Tour, and an even richer life off it