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March 20, 1995 | Volume 82, Issue 11

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Michael Jordan Cover - Sports Illustrated March 20, 1995

March 20, 1995
Thanks for the fabulous swimsuit issue. At least the most beautiful women on the planet didn't go on strike.STEVEN M. THOMAS, KNOXVILLE, TENN.

March 20, 1995 | Michael Farber
That's the noise distraught Canadian hockey fans hear as their game heads south

March 20, 1995 | Michael Farber
Canada's game is played primarily in U.S. cities, and the next wave of expansion in the NHL will do nothing to reverse that trend.

March 20, 1995 | Kelli Anderson
James Martínez, a top U.S. single sculler, is a zealous environmentalist

March 20, 1995 | Jay Teitel
David Gibson, a math prof from South Carolina, is Scrabble's newest star

March 20, 1995 | David Fleming
After a stint in jail, Trenton State's John Johnson got his priorities straight

March 20, 1995 | William F. Reed
Thundering Along

March 20, 1995 | Alexander Wolff
Filling out an NCAA tournament draw sheet can bring some pretty crazy ideas to mind

March 20, 1995 | Jim Gullo
Red-wrapped students from Spokane wow fans at state hoops tournaments

March 20, 1995 | Michael Finkel
In 19th-century big-ski racing, now enjoying a revival, it was all in the wax

March 20, 1995 | Edited by Alexander Wolff and Christian Stone
Deep Six-on-Sixed

March 20, 1995 | Edited by Alexander Wolff and Christian Stone
With no corporate sponsor willing to pick up more than a tiny share of the $150,000 cost of mounting a stock car racing campaign, New Hampshire College sophomore Adam Friend turned last summer to...

March 20, 1995 | Edited by Alexander Wolff and Christian Stone
Sixty-six-year-old NHL Hall of Famer Gordie Howe was chosen by the Motor City Mustangs in the 10th round of the Roller Hockey International draft.

March 20, 1995 | Edited by Alexander Wolff and Christian Stone
Bum PhillipsEx-NFL coach, on how he's spending his retirement: "I ain't doing a damn thing, and I don't start until noon."

March 20, 1995 | Phil Taylor

March 20, 1995 | Jack McCallum

March 20, 1995 | Tim Kurkjian
With replacement players poised to open the season (ugh), SI steps to the plate and offers its plan for ending the strike

March 20, 1995 | Mark Mulvoy
When we created the position of editorial coordinator 10 months ago to better regulate the flow of copy, pictures and layouts during the weekly closing of SI, we wanted someone with energy,...

March 20, 1995 | Michael Silver
Kentucky earned a No. 1 seed in the NCAAs by edging Arkansas in the SEC tournament

March 20, 1995
Richard BohneRAYMOND, ALBERTABohne, a senior guard at the University of Calgary, scored 64 points in a 110-107 win over the University of British Columbia, the second-highest individual total ever...

March 20, 1995 | E.M. Swift
Three U.S. boats and four others remain in the hunt for yachting's grandest prize

March 20, 1995 | Richard Hoffer
Gumptious Rosey Grier, the former NFL star, just keeps stumbling into fame

March 20, 1995 | Rick Telander
Writer's cramp may be all that can stop Rebecca Lobo, No. 1 UConn's fan favorite

March 20, 1995 | Tim Rosaforte
The David Duval Rules

March 20, 1995 | Amy Nutt
For four years Amy Alcott has endured Tantalus-like torture. Tantalus, you may recall, was the mythical Greek king tormented by fruit that he could never eat, though it dangled in front of him....

March 20, 1995 | Walter Bingham
In Charlotte, Byron Nelson won his second straight tournament, but it took two extra rounds against Sam Snead

March 20, 1995 | Tim Crothers
Mark O'Meara held off a late charge at the Honda Classic for his first PGA Tour win since 1992