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May 15, 1995 | Volume 82, Issue 19

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Bobby Cox Cover - Sports Illustrated May 15, 1995

May 15, 1995

May 15, 1995
I still remember how fast my heart beat when one foul shot could win or lose a lot of money for me.K. STEIN, MERION, PA.

May 15, 1995 | Edited by Alexander Wolff And Christian Stone

May 15, 1995 | Edited by Alexander Wolff And Christian Stone
Virtually everyone in the NBA acknowledges that Jerry West, the executive vice president of the Los Angeles Lakers, is the best front-office brain in the league. He put together the Showtime...

May 15, 1995 | Edited by Alexander Wolff And Christian Stone
While the aftershocks from baseball's work stoppage continue to leave that game turned upside out, inside down and worthy of pen-and-ink comment by editorial cartoonist John Caldwell, we're...

May 15, 1995 | Edited by Alexander Wolff And Christian Stone
For $75 a sports memorabilia company in New Jersey has sold what it bills as yarmulkes signed by Sandy Koufax.

May 15, 1995 | Edited by Alexander Wolff And Christian Stone
Mike BrownMinnesota Timberwolf forward, on yet another lousy season with the NBA's second-worst team: "Dante's Inferno had nothing on Mike Brown's hell."

May 15, 1995 | Gerry Callahan
With two three-point thunderbolts, the Pacers' Reggie Miller shocked the Knicks

May 15, 1995 | Phil Taylor
The gritty Rockets played like champs as they eliminated the perennially disappointing Jazz

May 15, 1995 | Leigh Montville
Lance Armstrong, America's premier cyclist, triumphed in America's premier bike race

May 15, 1995 | Alexander Wolff

May 15, 1995 | Mark Mulvoy
Senior editor Bobby Clay has a surname that people frequently associate with boxing, one of four sports he has been editing at SI. During the 1980s, when he was a sportswriter and occasionally...

May 15, 1995 | William Nack
Thunder Gulch was just an also-ran until he ran away with the Kentucky Derby

May 15, 1995 | Tom Verducci
Pitcher Hideo Nomo turned his back on Japan and now faces batters for the Dodgers

May 15, 1995 | Richard Hoffer
Oscar De La Hoya was triumphant against Rafael Ruelas, but not before another tragedy stalked the ring

May 15, 1995 | Johnette Howard

May 15, 1995 | Tom Cunneff
In California, biologists are learning some surprising things about sharks

May 15, 1995 | S.L. Price

May 15, 1995 | John Walters
At Mansfield U the baseball team raises money by taking care of kids

May 15, 1995 | Tim Kurkjian
A Royal Start

May 15, 1995 | Tim Kurkjian
A Head for the GameNew Padre manager Bruce Bochy is a terrific baseball man, but his greatest distinction is that he probably has the biggest head in the major leagues. His hat is a size 8. Bochy,...

May 15, 1995 | Johnette Howard
In shamelessly recruiting a sex offender, coaches were too quick to forgive and forget

May 15, 1995 | Kelly Whiteside

May 15, 1995 | Jaime Diaz

May 15, 1995 | Tim Rosaforte
The Price of Success

May 15, 1995 | Tim Rosaforte
U.S. Amateur champion Tiger Woods is the No. 1 name in college golf this season, but Stewart Cink has the No. 1 game. Cink, a 21-year-old senior at Georgia Tech and the top-ranked player in the...