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August 21, 1995 | Volume 83, Issue 8

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Mickey Mantle Cover - Sports Illustrated August 21, 1995

August 21, 1995 | Jack Cavanaugh
Jon Moyer's custom-made KC Slammer is becoming a major league hit

August 21, 1995 | Tom Dunkel
Hiker-philosopher Warren Doyle Jr. is an institution on the Appalachian Trail

August 21, 1995 | Marty Burns
Chicago is home to the first golf course in the heart of a U.S. city

August 21, 1995 | Edited by Franz Lidz and Kostya Kennedy

August 21, 1995 | Edited by Franz Lidz and Kostya Kennedy
A Good Risk?

August 21, 1995 | Edited by Franz Lidz and Kostya Kennedy
The University of Wisconsin's $220,000 refurbishment of Camp Randall Stadium includes two holding cells for spectators who break the law.

August 21, 1995 | Edited by Franz Lidz and Kostya Kennedy
Goran IvanisevicThe screwy seventh-ranked tennis player from Croatia, on why he would never see a sports psychologist: "You lie on a couch, they take your money and you walk out more bananas than...

August 21, 1995 | Richard Hoffer

August 21, 1995 | Rick Reilly
Steve Elkington overcame allergies and made hay on the greens to win the PGA Championship

August 21, 1995 | Mark Mulvoy
Now that Don Delliquanti has returned to SPORTS ILLUSTRATED after a disaster-laden 14-year hiatus, it's hard to decide who's luckier—Delliquanti for having survived his trials or the magazine for...

August 21, 1995 | Kenny Moore
Michael Johnson conquered the worlds with three blazing gold medal runs

August 21, 1995 | Peter King
After a dismal off-season, the troubled AFC champion San Diego Chargers can't seem to find their feet

August 21, 1995 | Tom Verducci
Player have caught the fever, but this new kind of pennant race is perplexing

August 21, 1995 | Richard Hoffer
Actually there are three: Who is Mike Tyson these days? Does he have anything left? Will this fight prove anything?

August 21, 1995 | Richard Hoffer
Attention, Peter McNeeley: Underdog heavyweights—good ones and tomato cans alike—have paid the price

August 21, 1995 | Gerry Calahan
Vinnie Vecchione, a bald, dumpy ex-mobster who happens to be a genius, has his feet up on the desk and a soggy, unlit cigar in his hand. He is smiling like a man who just talked a cop out of a...

August 21, 1995
I hope that someday after Thanksgiving dinner we can gather around the TV and watch the Mayflower 500 from Daytona.ROBERT T. MILAM JR., ORLANDO

August 21, 1995 | Michael Cannell
Neither rain nor lack of funds kept MIT's car from winning Sunrayce 95

August 21, 1995 | Tim Kurkjian

August 21, 1995 | Robert Creamer
"Mickey Mantle was a country boy, and country people tend to dislike pushy strangers."

August 21, 1995

August 21, 1995 | Jaime Diaz
After an 11th-hour miracle and a captain's migraine, the U.S. Ryder Cup team is ready for Rochester

August 21, 1995 | Jaime Diaz
Pressure is the X factor in the Ryder Cup. The players' abilities to keep their cool in the heat of competition will determine the outcome of the Sept. 22-24 matches at Oak Hill in Rochester, N.Y....

August 21, 1995
The range. Tour pros call it the Rockpile because it's where they pound rocks. A more accurate sobriquet would be a word that encompasses psychiatrist's office, social club, swing-fix center,...

August 21, 1995 | Tim Rosaforte
Easygoing Fred Couples has visions of regaining his old form but not his old fame

August 21, 1995 | John Garrity
The 10th hole at Riviera is a perfect example of how a tiny par-4 can force a player to make a big decision

August 21, 1995 | Alan Shipnuck

August 21, 1995 | Tim Rosaforte
Blame It on L.A.

August 21, 1995 | Rick Reilly

August 21, 1995 | Amy Nutt
Wide-eyed Kelli Kuehne exorcised a family demon by winning the U.S. Women's Amateur

August 21, 1995 | Jaime Diaz
"To cease being the minor major, the PGA should go back to match play."