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October 02, 1995 | Volume 83, Issue 14

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Mo Vaughan Cover - Sports Illustrated October 02, 1995

October 02, 1995 | Michael Finkel
The World Eskimo-Indian Olympics celebrate age-old Native American sports

October 02, 1995 | Eric Salzman
Serious birders will battle to the ends of the earth to build up their lists

October 02, 1995 | Teddy Greenstein
Burn survivor Harold Dennis wants to be seen as just another Wildcat

October 02, 1995 | Edited by Jack McCallum and Kostya Kennedy
Blood Money Conviction

October 02, 1995 | Edited by Jack McCallum and Kostya Kennedy
Lots of Rice but No Rison

October 02, 1995 | Edited by Jack McCallum and Kostya Kennedy
In a barroom argument over team supremacy last week in San Diego, a Raider fan bit off most of the right ear of a San Diego Charger fan.

October 02, 1995 | Edited by Jack McCallum and Kostya Kennedy
Shawn EckardtTonya Harding's 300-pound former bodyguard, on the first thing he planned to do upon his release from prison last Friday: "Get something to eat."

October 02, 1995 | S.L. Price
A surprising Colorado team crushed the national title aspirations of Texas A&M and put itself in the middle of the race

October 02, 1995
Browns fans do their Dawg thing before a game at Cleveland Stadium.

October 02, 1995 | Tim Kurkjian
A hellish slump cost the Angels their division lead and possibly a spot in the playoffs

October 02, 1995 | Kelly Whiteside
Seattle Mariner leftfielder Vince Coleman set off fireworks again last Friday night—but this time there was a curtain call instead of a summons to appear in court. After smacking his first career...

October 02, 1995 | Austin Murphy
Who would've thought the Rams would be unbeaten and beloved after four games in St. Louis?

October 02, 1995 | Rick Reilly

October 02, 1995
The latest bilking by Don King is another example of the disregard for the public by pro athletes.DAVE BALMER, CHILLICOTHE, ILL.

October 02, 1995
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October 02, 1995 | Gerry Callahan

October 02, 1995
Compared with choosing one player as MVP of both major leagues in 1995, the task of singling out individuals for the other big awards—plus quite a few titles of our own invention—was like swinging...

October 02, 1995 | Leigh Montville
The Bullets' Gheorghe Muresan is developing a game to match his colossal size

October 02, 1995 | Rick Reilly

October 02, 1995 | Ron Fimrite
Rogers Hornsby, one of this century's best ballplayers, was also one of its biggest boors

October 02, 1995 | Peter King
Steeler Meltdown

October 02, 1995 | Christian Stone
Turtles on a Tear

October 02, 1995 | Christian Stone
OffenseKentucky's Moe Williams, a junior running back, had 429 all-purpose yards (299 rushing, 57 receiving and 73 on kick returns) in a 35-30 Wildcat win over South Carolina.

October 02, 1995 | John Schulian
"Myself, I'm partial to the idea of living in a city without pro football."

October 02, 1995
Michelle MoschelNAPLES, FLA.

October 02, 1995
It's no fun explaining yourself. It's no use, either, as Bernard Gallacher learned in his two previous terms as Europe's Ryder Cup captain. When you're drowning in a sea of second guesses, even a...

October 02, 1995
Act of FaithFaxon offers spot in foursomes to Jacobsen, who makes up for Friday faux pas.

October 02, 1995 | Robinson Holloway
The wife of a professional golfer flashes across the public stage very briefly, usually as just the other half of a victory hug. But at the Ryder Cup the players' wives are part of the story.

October 02, 1995
The birds, when you think about it, don't care who wins the Ryder Cup. The squirrels keep right on gathering nuts. Even the grass around the clubhouse at Oak Hill, reduced to mud by thousands of...

October 02, 1995
Unsung HeroesClark and James, benched since dismal showing in opening session, put up two unexpected wins.

October 02, 1995 | John Garrity
A day-by-day account of the most unlikely victory in the history of the Ryder Cup

October 02, 1995 | John Garrity
Amy Alcott won't let a silly number get her down

October 02, 1995 | Tim Rosaforte
Captain Nelson in '97

October 02, 1995 | Jaime Diaz
"The exasperating truth about golf is that everyone succumbs to pressure"

October 02, 1995
If you could get a straight answer from a Ryder Cup captain on Day 1, you would ask which player held center stage in his mind's proscenium at the moment his eyes popped open in the darkness...

October 02, 1995
StudsPavin shepherds pair of rookies to victory. Love rolls with Maggert, then steadies Freddy.

October 02, 1995 | William F. Reed

October 02, 1995 | William F. Reed
A Permanent Place On the Pine