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October 16, 1995 | Volume 83, Issue 17

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Ken Griffey, Jr. Cover - Sports Illustrated October 16, 1995

October 16, 1995
Nancy Welch WilliamsWEST LONG BRANCH, N.J.Williams, 47, won her 1,000th game as a coach on Sept. 14, when her Shore Regional High field hockey team beat Holmdel High 1-0 on a goal by Richelle...

October 16, 1995 | Allen Abel
Joseph Harold Ake, 96, was once one of Pennsylvania's most illustrious athletes

October 16, 1995 | Kelly Whiteside
Kristine Lilly was the lone woman in the Continental indoor league in 1995

October 16, 1995 | Christian Stone
Streak Stoppers

October 16, 1995 | Christian Stone
OffenseTennessee sophomore quarterback Peyton Manning completed 35 of 46 passes for 384 yards and four touchdowns as the favored Volunteers came back to beat Arkansas 49-31.

October 16, 1995 | Christian Stone
Grambling Coach Eddie Robinson's 400th win, which he got last Saturday by beating Mississippi Valley State 42-6, is only one of the milestones that he has reached in his 54-year coaching career....

October 16, 1995 | Tom Verducci
"Take me out to the ball game? Buy me some peanuts and a flak jacket"

October 16, 1995 | Edited by Richard O'Brien and Kostya Kennedy

October 16, 1995 | Edited by Richard O'Brien and Kostya Kennedy
Belle and Larkin: Put 'em Up

October 16, 1995 | Edited by Richard O'Brien and Kostya Kennedy
Grateful for the mustachioed sports artist's $6 million gift, Columbia University has created the LeRoy Neiman Center for Print Studies and endowed a LeRoy Neiman Professorship.

October 16, 1995 | Tom Verducci

October 16, 1995 | Tim Kurkjian
Everyone in tiny Pierson, Fla., knew that Chipper Jones was a can't-miss kid, even when he was only 11 years old. As an eighth-grader he started on the high school varsity baseball team. By 15 he...

October 16, 1995 | Gerry Callahan
Heads still turn when he walks into the crowded Cleveland Indian clubhouse. Isn't that...? What's he doing here? He has been with the Indians all season, but he still seems to belong lo a...

October 16, 1995 | Michael Farber
The next time Cincinnati Red lefthander David Wells shaves off his mustache—as he had to when he joined the clean-shaven Reds in July—he might just store the clippings in a Baggie and flick them...

October 16, 1995 | William F. Reed
Cigar blazed to victory in the Jockey Club Gold Cup, a race that ended the career of Thunder Gulch

October 16, 1995 | Mark Mulvoy
In the spring of 1983 staff writer Tim Crothers, then a sophomore at North Carolina, strode smartly into the offices of The Daily Tar Heel, clutching his first story, an unsolicited editorial on...

October 16, 1995 | Tim Layden
Upsets became the norm on a wild weekend, with Kansas leading the way

October 16, 1995 | Tim Layden
Who knows how far Northwestern can go after road wins over Notre Dame and Michigan?

October 16, 1995 | Ray Buck
This year marks the 75th anniversary of Ray Chapman's fatal beaning

October 16, 1995 | Susan Davis
In 1945 a group of U.S. soldiers liberated 375 Lipizzans from Nazi captivity

October 16, 1995 | Tom Dunkel
Nike turns old and defective shoes into high-quality athletic surfaces

October 16, 1995 | Marty Burns
South Africa's Lee McGregor waited decades to meet the world's best

October 16, 1995 | Martin Dugard
Nocturnal excursions are the latest craze for California mountain bikers

October 16, 1995 | Tim Crothers
Top NBA pick Joe Smith enters the league with a home court advantage: his mom, Letha

October 16, 1995 | Michael Farber
After sitting out the last 18 months, Mario Lemieux is finally healthy again—and still a force

October 16, 1995 | Peter King
While quarterbacks drop like flies, angry defenders take big hits to the wallet from the NFL office

October 16, 1995
To say that John Elway is beyond Johnny Unitas is football blasphemy.CARL WHITEHEAD JR. ARLINGTON, VA.

October 16, 1995
SPORTS ILLUSTRATED offers current and past articles, photos and special multimedia features on CompuServe (GO SPORTS) and on the Internet ( week: NFL Classic...

October 16, 1995 | Austin Murphy
That's what the Colts did in rallying from far behind to edge the previously unbeaten Dolphins

October 16, 1995 | Alexander Wolff

October 16, 1995 | Peter King
Downturn of the Cards

October 16, 1995 | William F. Reed
Roaring and Scoring

October 16, 1995 | William F. Reed
Making the Return Of a Lifetime