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January 08, 1996 | Volume 84, Issue 1

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 Cover - Sports Illustrated January 08, 1996

January 08, 1996
Only in the NFL can you mismanage your business and then relocate, all expenses paid.ROBB TROMBLEY, TWINSBURG, OHIO

January 08, 1996 | Edited by Kostya Kennedy

January 08, 1996 | Edited by Kostya Kennedy
Arizona State has canceled most of its classes on Jan. 25 and 26 because of the "absolute craziness" that school administrators expect leading up to the Jan. 28 Super Bowl at Sun Devil Stadium on...

January 08, 1996 | Edited by Kostya Kennedy
Roger MaltbieThe NBC golf analyst, after watching former tennis great Ivan Lendl hit five balls into a water hazard on the 18th hole of a celebrity golf tournament: "Grass isn't his best surface."

January 08, 1996 | Michael Silver

January 08, 1996 | Paul Zimmerman
The pundits who were stunned by the Philadelphia Eagles' 58-37 win last Saturday over the Detroit Lions failed to take into account one significant part of the Eagles: coach Ray Rhodes.

January 08, 1996 | Jack McCallum

January 08, 1996 | Rick Reilly
Northwestern's magical season went up in smoke when Southern Cal won an action-packed Rose Bowl

January 08, 1996 | Mark Mulvoy
He found out that he didn't want to be a cop as he was being fingerprinted. This was awhile ago, when Gerry Callahan was 19. He had been riding around with four other young guys in a van in...

January 08, 1996 | Gerry Callahan
Brothers Scott and Rob Niedermayer are two of the most productive young assets in the NHL

January 08, 1996 | Tim Kurkjian

January 08, 1996 | Tom Verducci
On the morning of Dec. 20, David Cone, who had switched teams four times in the previous four years, prepared himself for yet another move: to Baltimore. Frustrated by a reduced offer from the New...

January 08, 1996 | Michael Silver

January 08, 1996 | Phil Taylor

January 08, 1996 | Donald Katz

January 08, 1996
Jill AholtLINN, MO.

January 08, 1996 | Gerry Callahan
Our prognosticator provides an early glimpse at top stories for the coming year