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February 19, 1996 | Volume 84, Issue 7

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Marcus Stroud Cover - Sports Illustrated February 19, 1996

February 19, 1996
Erica MashiaPORTLANDMashia, a freshman guard for the USC women's basketball team, converted 33 straight free throws, breaking the Pac-10 record of 29 held by former Washington player Laura Moore....

February 19, 1996 | Edited by Jack McCallum
A New Foe Enters the Ring

February 19, 1996 | Edited by Jack McCallum
Winning bettors may have wanted to kiss the jockey when 10-3 Digpast won the Ontario Amateur Riders Handicap in England on Feb. 1—and the urge may have become even stronger when they realized:...

February 19, 1996 | Edited by Jack McCallum
A coach and several players (ages 12-14) on a team sponsored by the Boys & Girls Club of Kenton County (Ky.) were accused of attacking referees with punches, kicks and a metal chair after the...

February 19, 1996 | Edited by Jack McCallum
George TriantafilloDennis Rodman's bodyguard, on the necessity for unblinking vigilance: "Let's face it: When Dennis goes out, he doesn't blend in well."

February 19, 1996
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February 19, 1996 | Tim Layden

February 19, 1996 | Christian Stone
Four sacks containing roughly 2,000 letters from love-struck recruiters sadly sat by his Riverside, Calif., front door, like trash waiting to be taken to the curb. Chris Claiborne dipped into a...

February 19, 1996 | William Nack
Felix Trinidad, the fight game's best-kept secret, finally got top billing and proved he has the punch to remain a main event

February 19, 1996 | Tim Crothers

February 19, 1996 | Austin Murphy

February 19, 1996 | Johnette Howard

February 19, 1996 | John Feinstein
The Bruins Are Not in Ruins

February 19, 1996 | William Nack

February 19, 1996 | Peter King
Without Grace or Glory

February 19, 1996 | Jackie MacMullan
A Split Decision

February 19, 1996 | Tim Keown

February 19, 1996
One of the basic ideas of baseball is that of the complete athlete—one who must play both offense and defense.J.D. NELSON, NEW YORK CITY

February 19, 1996 | Steve Rushin
The more O.J. talks, the less doubt he leaves about how we will remember him

February 19, 1996 | Michael Farber
Russ Conway's investigative work may bring down a hockey power broker

February 19, 1996 | Tim Rosaforte
Love's Master Plan

February 19, 1996 | Walter Bingham
As everyone from Pebble Beach to Augusta knows, the AT&T National Pro-Am was canceled after 36 holes because one hole—the 16th at Spyglass Hill—was deemed unplayable. But should a final 18...

February 19, 1996 | John Garrity
Jack Nicklaus is prepared to end a remarkable streak, but not his career

February 19, 1996 | Jaime Diaz

February 19, 1996 | Jaime Diaz
When Phil Mickelson takes an alarmingly long, hard swing to gently pop up short, soft wedge shots that land soundlessly next to the hole, he brings to mind revolutionary athletic acts such as the...