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July 29, 1996 | Volume 85, Issue 5

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Tommie Dolan Cover - Sports Illustrated July 29, 1996

July 29, 1996 | John Garrity

July 29, 1996 | John Schulian
NBC's opening-night coverage was as commercial as the Games themselves

July 29, 1996 | Matt Toll
An alarm clock keeps the Bridgeton (N.J.) Invitational moving along smartly

July 29, 1996
Ashley FickleSANTA BARBARA, CALIF.Fickle, a 16-year-old junior on the Westmont College tennis team, became the NAIA's youngest first-team All-America after he reached the men's doubles finals...

July 29, 1996
An unidentified woman gymnast tried to get a leg up on the competition in the compulsories as the Olympics began.

July 29, 1996
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July 29, 1996
His goal-oriented lifestyle, reverence for his family, and demeanor make Emmitt Smith a role model.DAVID TURNER, CHARLOTTESVILLE, VA.

July 29, 1996 | Edited by Jack McCallum and Richard O'Brien

July 29, 1996 | Edited by Jack McCallum and Richard O'Brien
100Years since the first modern Olympic Games were held in Athens.

July 29, 1996 | Edited by Jack McCallum and Richard O'Brien
During a recent men's golf tournament at Lakewood Country Club in Rockville, Md., members held a locker room "vodka shoot-out," featuring an ice sculpture of a nude woman with chilled vodka...

July 29, 1996 | Edited by Jack McCallum and Richard O'Brien
Mike PowellThe U.S. long jumper, to Olympic teammate Dan O'Brien afterMomentarily forgetting the decathlete 's stunning failure to qualify in 1992: "Did you march in Barcelona, Dan?"

July 29, 1996
Exhibit at Holocaust Memorial Museum in Washington, D.C., to July 27, 1997

July 29, 1996 | Gary Smith
<b><i>The Atlanta Olympics began with an orgy of commercialism that was classically American</i></b>

July 29, 1996 | Bill Colson
As he stood in sun-scorched Woodruff Park last Friday afternoon, waiting among thousands of giddy Atlantans for the Olympic torch to pass by, Roy Blount Jr. confessed to feeling disoriented. "I...

July 29, 1996 | Leigh Montville

July 29, 1996 | Michael Farber

July 29, 1996 | Steve Rushin
Members of the mighty U.S. Softball team have dreams that are far brighter than gold

July 29, 1996 | Tim Layden

July 29, 1996 | Roy Blount Jr.
In the games played away from the Olympic arena, Atlanta's street people are losing out

July 29, 1996 | Rick Reilly
At the British Open, rough and rumpled Tom Lehman did what Greg Norman couldn't: hold off Nick Faldo to win a major championship

July 29, 1996 | Phil Taylor

July 29, 1996 | P.H. Mullen Jr.
The author found that swimming the English Channel is draining in several ways

July 29, 1996 | Tim Crothers
Bjarne Riis, a late-blooming Dane, overcame climatic chaos to bring the long reign of Miguel Indurain to a decisive close

July 29, 1996 | Tom Verducci

July 29, 1996 | Tom Verducci

July 29, 1996 | Tom Verducci

July 29, 1996 | Tom Verducci

July 29, 1996 | Tim Kurkjian

July 29, 1996 | John Garrity
When the Open comes to this wacky, tacky town, it's just another visitor

July 29, 1996 | Tim Rosaforte
Graham steps down as captain in the wake of a player mutiny, Tiger's major accomplishment, New fan plan

July 29, 1996 | John Garrity
Nick Faldo won the hearts of Britons by reaching for the game's highest prize

July 29, 1996 | Alan Shipnuck
Muni-hardened Tim Hogarth mixed business with pleasure at the Publinks in paradise

July 29, 1996 | Jaime Diaz