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August 19, 1996 | Volume 85, Issue 8

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Al Simmons Cover - Sports Illustrated August 19, 1996

August 19, 1996 | Allen J. Abel
Fan Frankie Germano delivered swift justice when an ump's call cost the Bums a win

August 19, 1996 | Franz Lidz
While kayaking in Alaska with his daughter, the author gave glaciers a wide berth

August 19, 1996
The news last week that evidence had been found of life on Mars got us to thinking about a galaxy of extraterrestrial sports stars. (For identification of these heavenly bodies, see below.)

August 19, 1996
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August 19, 1996
Jason EstradaPROVIDENCEJason, 15, won the age 15-16 super middleweight boxing title at the U.S. Junior Olympics by outpointing Charles Tanner of Gary, Ind., 5-0 in the finals. Jason has earned the...

August 19, 1996 | Edited by Richard O'Brien And Alexander Wolff

August 19, 1996 | Edited by Richard O'Brien And Alexander Wolff
9Runs given up in one inning by pitcher Nolan Ryan to a team of country music stars in the City of Hope Celebrity Softball Challenge in Nashville.

August 19, 1996 | Edited by Richard O'Brien And Alexander Wolff
For the Baseball Show, an exhibit at New York's Curt Marcus Gallery, 76 artists were given balls and free rein. Results ran from the screwy to the reflective.

August 19, 1996 | Edited by Richard O'Brien And Alexander Wolff
Atlanta Brave Chipper Jones, who is under an $8.25 million contract, refused to sign autographs at a charity function, citing a "conflict of interest" because he receives $200,000 a year to sign...

August 19, 1996 | Edited by Richard O'Brien And Alexander Wolff
Crawford Grimsley Undefeated but untested heavyweight, on his surprising signing to fight George Foreman on Sept. 15: "I'm not saying I'm the mastermind behind this, but I'm the mastermind behind it."

August 19, 1996 | Kostya Kennedy
Arli$$, weekly half-hour comedy series on HBO, premiered Aug. 10

August 19, 1996 | Tom Verducci
In a season marked by turmoil and tragedy, Los Angeles is struggling in its defense of the National League West title

August 19, 1996
It would give me great pleasure to see some small country beat our arrogant overpaid pros.GORDON FARRELL, COLFAX, CALIF.

August 19, 1996 | Jaime Diaz
Mark Brooks beat a hospitable local hero to win the PGA in Louisville

August 19, 1996 | Peter King
Outspoken Bryan Cox has made himself right at home as the new leader in Chicago

August 19, 1996 | Austin Murphy
The 49ers are no closer to filling the holes in their rushing game than they were at the end of last season

August 19, 1996 | Tim Crothers
Andrew Golota has been accused of a lot more than the low blows that incited a Madison Square Garden riot

August 19, 1996 | David Davis
Surfing camp with the Paskowitz clan is about more than technique

August 19, 1996 | William Nack
Worn down by a speed duel, mighty Cigar saw all hopes vanish for a record win streak

August 19, 1996 | William Nack
Coach Butch Davis aims to save Miami football no matter how many players he has to suspend

August 19, 1996 | Tim Kurkjian
California needs more than just a new manager to end its yearlong doldrums, The Astros' rising relief star

August 19, 1996 | William Nack
From 1929 to 1931, the Philadelphia A's were the best team in baseball, with four future Hall of Famers and a lineup that dominated Babe Ruth's legendary Yankees. So why hasn't anyone heard of them?

August 19, 1996 | Leigh Montville
The author wants to understand pro sports without going back for an M.B.A. Silly boy

August 19, 1996 | Jaime Diaz
Oakmont's Bob Ford is that rarest of birds, a club professional who can play some, too

August 19, 1996 | John Garrity
Fiji's Vijay Singh has always been reluctant to discuss his early years as a pro, and for good reason

August 19, 1996 | Alan Shipnuck
With his play at Valhalla, Nick Price left no doubt that he has overcome two years of adversity

August 19, 1996 | Tim Rosaforte
The PGA makes a commitment to Louisville for 2000 and beyond, Two straight for Kuehne, Cigar craze

August 19, 1996 | John Garrity
The majors may have met their match in team events, which are gaining in popularity