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September 23, 1996 | Volume 85, Issue 13

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Ron Powlus Cover - Sports Illustrated September 23, 1996

September 23, 1996 | Edited by Jack McCallum and Richard O'Brien

September 23, 1996 | Edited by Jack McCallum and Richard O'Brien
123Games Lou Holtz has coached at Notre Dame, breaking record held by Knute Rockne.

September 23, 1996 | Edited by Jack McCallum and Richard O'Brien
Major league baseball players are more orally fixated than other athletes. Here are a few of the mouthwatering treats into which they sink their teeth.

September 23, 1996 | Edited by Jack McCallum and Richard O'Brien
A Texas A&M alumnus is attempting to gain access to the Texas Longhorns' football play book through a request filed under the state's Public Information Act.

September 23, 1996 | Edited by Jack McCallum and Richard O'Brien
George SteinbrennerNew York Yankees owner, evaluating his ace pitcher: "David Cone is in a class by himself with three or four other players."

September 23, 1996 | Seth Davis
Classic Sports Network

September 23, 1996 | Michael Farber

September 23, 1996 | Alan Shipnuck
Amid campaign-style rhetoric and with few concessions, the U.S. team won a squeaker of a Presidents Cup

September 23, 1996 | Austin Murphy
The Packers showed no weaknesses in rolling to their third consecutive impressive win, a rout of the Chargers

September 23, 1996 | Tom Verducci
The revamped Indians are ganging up on the American League again in their tune-up for another World Series bid

September 23, 1996 | Tim Layden
Michigan survived a scare in the final seconds to avenge its Hail Mary loss to Colorado

September 23, 1996 | Rick Reilly
That's the role Ron Powlus was supposed to play at Notre Dame. This is real life: Everyone misses sometimes

September 23, 1996
Michael SecrestSCOTTSDALE, ARIZ.Secrest, 43, a truck driver, set the World 24-Hour Cycling Championship record when he completed 503.2 miles without drafting to break the old mark of 470.2 miles...

September 23, 1996 | Mike Shropshire

September 23, 1996 | Peter King
The Broncos grind out a comeback, Are Switzer's days numbered?, 49ers venture into the Panthers' den

September 23, 1996 | Christian Stone
A Sun Devil newcomer takes the desert by storm, The Aggies' Cajun-style roasting, A Hokie cyberscoop?

September 23, 1996
Peyton Manning is a great kid. The reason why: great parents.JOSH FRITTS, KNOXVILLE, TENN.

September 23, 1996 | Michael Farber
Because ambiguity is good for the soul, some questions in sports are best left unanswered

September 23, 1996 | David Fleming
In New Orleans it's paper bag time once more as the Saints lost to the Bengals and fell to 0-3

September 23, 1996 | David Fleming
FROM THE SUBLIME...Through Sunday there were nine unbeaten teams in the NFL; eight of them (all hut the Bills) will square off in a quartet of divisional matchups this week

September 23, 1996 | David Fleming

September 23, 1996 | John Walters
The 48-yard touchdown reception by Colts tight end Marcus Pollard that sparked Indianapolis's 25-24 upset of the Cowboys was Pollard's first catch since his senior year at Valley (Ala.) High. The...

September 23, 1996 | John Walters
"Tough is when you hit a running back so hard that dust comes off the back of your TV set."

September 23, 1996 | Paul Zimmerman
If you want to see the best young corners in the NFL, keep an Eagle eye on Philadelphia

September 23, 1996 | Jaime Diaz
In only his third start as a pro, Tiger Woods learned a bitter lesson about life on Tour

September 23, 1996 | Tim Rosaforte
Norman chews out Finchem for stealing his World tour idea, Pepper to spice Solheim Cup, Green's 300 game

September 23, 1996 | Michael Bamberger
John Bredenkamp, a rich and powerful former arms dealer, has muscled his way into golf