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September 30, 1996 | Volume 85, Issue 14

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Muhammad Ali Cover - Sports Illustrated September 30, 1996

September 30, 1996 | Edited by Jack McCallum and Richard O'Brien

September 30, 1996 | Edited by Jack McCallum and Richard O'Brien
3Teams that will have retired Nolan Ryan's jersey after the Astros, following the lead of the Angels and the Rangers, do it on Sunday.

September 30, 1996 | Edited by Jack McCallum and Richard O'Brien
Bob Dole may have put the Dodgers back in Brooklyn last week, but as these pencils (still in stores) show, he's not the only one with a skewed sports compass.

September 30, 1996 | Edited by Jack McCallum and Richard O'Brien
Golden State Warriors forward Joe Smith's spotless image was spattered in July when he was charged with malicious wounding for what prosecutors said was his part in a July bar brawl in Chesapeake,...

September 30, 1996 | Edited by Jack McCallum and Richard O'Brien
Nascar is cultivating a more genteel, upscale image these days, but all that paint tradin' on the track still has a way of leading to punch swappin' in the pits. The postrace dustups in Dover,...

September 30, 1996 | Edited by Jack McCallum and Richard O'Brien
Despite an ongoing incident involving a local mother who was holding her daughter hostage and threatening her with a hatchet, the ABC affiliate in Buffalo made quarterback Jim Kelly's hamstring...

September 30, 1996 | Edited by Jack McCallum and Richard O'Brien
Don KingBoxing promoter, citing his credentials to speak to an assembly of Harvard Law School students: "I've been in more courtrooms than any of you."

September 30, 1996
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September 30, 1996 | Tim Layden
Tennessee fell prey to a fast-striking Florida team that is now ranked No. 1 in the nation

September 30, 1996 | Tim Layden
Arizona State ended Nebraska's 26-game streak and joined the national-title race

September 30, 1996 | Tom Verducci, Tim Kurkjian, Gerry Callahan
Seven days in September were filled with feats on the field and pennant fever from coast to coast, just like in the old days

September 30, 1996
The rating system ranks quarterbacks by their efficiency, not their skills or talent, and today's QBs are more efficient.CLIFF TOWNSEND II, COLUMBUS, GA.

September 30, 1996 | Michael Silver
The Carolina Panthers shed their expansion tag with a dominating victory over the San Francisco 49ers

September 30, 1996 | Austin Murphy
Buffalo Bills linebacker Chris Spielman is a monster on the field but a pussycat at home with his family

September 30, 1996 | David Postman
The Exxon Valdez crashed in 1989; the debate over recovery still rages

September 30, 1996 | William Nack
More than two decades after they last met in the ring, Joe Frazier is still taking shots at Muhammad Ali, but this time it's a war of words

September 30, 1996 | Richard Deutsch
At Hartnell junior college, Jeff Shaffer has joined son Adam in the trenches

September 30, 1996 | Kostya Kennedy
Notre Dame could breathe easier after squeaking past the Longhorns, Reversal of fortune for LSU and Auburn

September 30, 1996 | Peter King
How the upstart Vikings blitzed the Pack, Manning's draft options, Mouthy George slapped with suspension

September 30, 1996

September 30, 1996 | Gerry Callahan
You don't need a psychic to tell you that no baseball is worth half a million bucks

September 30, 1996 | Chris Lamb
Available: Loyal fan (deserted by Cleveland Browns); all serious offers considered

September 30, 1996 | Martin Dugard
That (and tonier fans) distinguishes pickup truck racing from the Winston Cup

September 30, 1996 | David Fleming
Beaten badly by the Bills, Dallas's vaunted offensive line looked like just one more Cowboys problem area

September 30, 1996 | David Fleming
PANTHERS at JAGUARSJacksonville's Mark Brunell is a clone of the 49ers' Steve Young, whom Carolina held in check on Sunday. If the Jaguars want to win the Expansion Bowl—and hand Carolina its...

September 30, 1996 | Austin Murphy
The New York-New York game lived up to its billing

September 30, 1996 | John Walters
The Vikings, who came from behind to defeat the previously unbeaten Packers 30-21, have outscored their opponents 42-3 in the fourth quarter this season....

September 30, 1996 | Paul Zimmerman
Will the Chiefs still be pro Bono when they need to go 80 yards in a two-minute drill?

September 30, 1996 | Jaime Diaz
Life has changed dramatically for Tiger Woods now that he's the center of attention

September 30, 1996 | John Garrity
At the Solheim Cup in Wales, a superiority in singles sparked a comeback win by the U.S.

September 30, 1996 | Tim Rosaforte
Loch Lomond had two strikes against it before the event began, Chirkinian's finale?, Presidents Cup to move