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October 14, 1996 | Volume 85, Issue 16

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Roberto Alomar Cover - Sports Illustrated October 14, 1996

October 14, 1996 | Edited by Richard O'Brien and Franz Lidz

October 14, 1996 | Edited by Richard O'Brien and Franz Lidz
51Years since Columbia's football team, which has beaten Harvard, Fordham and Holy Cross, last won its first three games.

October 14, 1996 | Edited by Richard O'Brien and Franz Lidz
Custom-painted masks provide many NHL goalies with a menacing mien; the Canucks' Corey Hirsch uses his to show he's psycho for Alfred Hitchcock.

October 14, 1996 | Edited by Richard O'Brien and Franz Lidz
Gerrardstown, W.Va's Beverly Rose, one of the entrants in last Saturday's World Toughwoman Championship in Detroit, was billed as the PMS Princess.

October 14, 1996 | Edited by Richard O'Brien and Franz Lidz
George ArcherSenior golfer, on how his catalog of surgically replaced parts could affect his status on the tour: "My knee's only a few months old, my back is only 17, and I recently got a new hip....

October 14, 1996 | Tom Nawrocki
A few years ago Gary Miller, a corporate lawyer in New York, was looking for an investment opportunity—in part to make up for all the cash he was pouring into fun and games: basketball tickets,...

October 14, 1996
SPORTS ILLUSTRATED offers current and past articles, photos and special multimedia features on CompuServe (GO SPORTS) and on the Internet ( To subscribe to CompuServe,...

October 14, 1996 | Tom Verducci

October 14, 1996 | Tim Kurkjian
Apologies and postseason heroics have not been enough to resurrect the reputation of Roberto Alomar

October 14, 1996 | Gary Van Sickle
By winning in Las Vegas, in only his fifth start as a pro, Tiger Woods proved beyond a doubt that his time has come

October 14, 1996
Bruce Seldom should have tried out for the Olympic diving team.BILL BERTHOLD, SUGARLAND, TEXAS

October 14, 1996 | Austin Murphy
Staking yet another claim to Super Bowl contention, the aging Bills knocked off the unbeaten Colts

October 14, 1996 | Ron Fimrite
Only war meant more than football in the game's early days at the Ivy schools

October 14, 1996 | Rick Lipsey
The NFL recruits officials who thrive under stress—on and off the field

October 14, 1996 | Kostya Kennedy
Don Larsen recalls details of his flawless game in 1956 as if it were yesterday

October 14, 1996 | Tim Layden
Ohio State vaulted to No. 2 in the land after manhandling highly regarded Penn State 38-7

October 14, 1996 | William Nack

October 14, 1996
Judy FlanneryCHEVY CHASE, MD.Flannery, 56, a mother of five, clinched her fourth world triathlon championship when she completed the 1.5-kilometer swim, the 40-km bike ride, and the 10-km run in...

October 14, 1996 | Peter King
The next generation of star quarterbacks, who should be up and coming by now, instead are down and out

October 14, 1996 | John Ed Bradley

October 14, 1996 | Christian Stone
The Sooners aren't even the best team in their state these days, Northwestern still has the magic touch

October 14, 1996 | Peter King
Can the 49ers find a way to keep Grbac?, Things aren't so super for Larry Brown, A golden age for punters

October 14, 1996 | Perri Knize
Battle lines are drawn in Montana over a proposed mine along the Blackfoot River

October 14, 1996 | Rick Reilly
The national pastime was all wet long before Roberto Alomar let fly

October 14, 1996 | Paul Zimmerman
Passing yardage is down, but defensive schemes don't deserve all the credit

October 14, 1996 | David Fleming
With a more balanced attack and a new family attitude, frisky Denver is off to a surprising 5-1 start

October 14, 1996 | David Fleming
CARDINALS at COWBOYSMichael Irvin returns to a Dallas offense that is averaging 52.6 fewer yards per game than Arizona's. The Cowboys' defense, top rated in the NFC, will close that gap because it...

October 14, 1996 | John Walters
Houston Oilers quarterback Chris Chandler is not a lame duck. He only plays for one.

October 14, 1996
When USC's Marcus Allen was about to enter the 1982 NFL draft, his college coach, John Robinson, damned him with faint praise. "I don't see him in the context of a Walter Payton or Earl Campbell,...

October 14, 1996
In a display of frustration during the Bears' 37-6 loss to the Packers, Chicago linebacker Bryan Cox stood helmetless in the middle of the end zone as Green Bay attempted an extra point. The...

October 14, 1996 | C.W. Nevius

October 14, 1996 | Tim Rosaforte
A grand plan for a golf stadium is close to becoming a reality, Daly falls off the wagon, Old Course updated

October 14, 1996 | Alan Shipnuck
After an unhappy year of change on and off the course, Dottie Pepper has come back strong

October 14, 1996 | Jaime Diaz
Because the Senior tour has lost its star power, the author has lost interest