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November 18, 1996 | Volume 85, Issue 21

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Evander Holyfield Cover - Sports Illustrated November 18, 1996

November 18, 1996
I guarantee what Jeff experienced at Yankee Stadium will forever overshadow what he missed in history class.ANDRES CORREAL, WASHINGTON, D.C.

November 18, 1996
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November 18, 1996 | Edited by Jack McCallum and Kostya Kennedy

November 18, 1996 | Edited by Jack McCallum and Kostya Kennedy
12,000Fans at sold-out Hiram Bithorn Stadium in San Juan for the winter league debut of Roberto Alomar, whom they greeted with a standing ovation.

November 18, 1996 | Edited by Jack McCallum and Kostya Kennedy
Some colleges send out Heisman hokum to boost candidates, but all Florida does for favorite Danny Wuerffel is mail out his weekly stats.

November 18, 1996 | Edited by Jack McCallum and Kostya Kennedy
Oriole Songbird Flies Off

November 18, 1996 | Edited by Jack McCallum and Kostya Kennedy
Foamation, Inc. of Milwaukee is suing a company in Menomonee Falls, Wis., for distributing what Foamation says is a counterfeit version of the Foamation-made cheesehead hats worn by sports fans in...

November 18, 1996 | Edited by Jack McCallum and Kostya Kennedy
Lincoln Kennedy Oakland Raiders tackle, on his decision not to vote last week: "I was going to write myself in, but I was afraid I'd get shot."

November 18, 1996
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November 18, 1996 | Richard Hoffer

November 18, 1996 | Michael Silver
Dallas outlasted San Francisco in a game pitting teams that aren't what they used to be

November 18, 1996 | Merrell Noden
June 4, 1956

November 18, 1996 | Austin Murphy
Things have taken a new turn for the Chiefs, thanks to a 27-20 upset of the Packers

November 18, 1996 | Tim Layden

November 18, 1996 | Gerry Callahan

November 18, 1996 | Michael Farber

November 18, 1996 | Alexander Wolff

November 18, 1996 | Christian Stone
The Cadets' inspired play has bowled over everybody but the bowls, Bobby Bowden's Dan-dy connection

November 18, 1996 | William Nack

November 18, 1996
Anthony ThomasWINNFIELD, LA.

November 18, 1996 | Peter King
Kelly has swagger and favorite offense again, Boomer's unforgettable afternoon, The Bears' painful plight

November 18, 1996 | Roy Blount Jr.
Ray Mansfield, the storied Steelers center of the 1970s, died as he lived: enjoying the view

November 18, 1996 | Paul Zimmerman
How to beat the Pack: Throw a surprise bomb, blitz creatively and get a boost from the refs

November 18, 1996 | David Fleming
The Seahawks were losing games and fans in bunches, until a blocked kick brought new hope

November 18, 1996 | David Fleming
PACKERS at COWBOYSA preview of the NFC Championship Game? Despite leading the NFC in takeaways, with 29, Green Bay has failed to force a turnover in its two games. The Pack will need a few to snap...

November 18, 1996 | John Walters
Their stadiums lie east of the Mississippi, but they compete in the NFC West, so maybe the Atlanta Falcons and the New Orleans Saints are destined to forever be on the wrong side of things....

November 18, 1996 | Richard Deutsch
It took one golf outing for Oilers special teams star John Henry Mills to learn that temperamentally at least, he was no Steve Tasker. "We played in a tournament this past off-season, and I...

November 18, 1996 | John Walters
Sunday was the most explosive offensive day in NFL history. The 28 teams that played combined for a league-record 714 points, from the Rams' high of 59 to the Bears' low of 12....

November 18, 1996 | John Walters
"I think [Jim] Everett must have a modeling contract, because he sure didn't want to get hit."

November 18, 1996 | Alan Shipnuck

November 18, 1996 | Jaime Diaz

November 18, 1996 | C.W. Nevius
Marisa Baena, the NCAA champion from Colombia, is determined to stay No. 1 without missing out on any fun

November 18, 1996 | Tim Rosaforte
A dissatisfied Fred Couples makes a major commitment to '97, The silliest Silly Season event, Kuehne's choice

November 18, 1996 | Gary Van Sickle