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November 25, 1996 | Volume 85, Issue 22

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Ted Williams Cover - Sports Illustrated November 25, 1996

November 25, 1996
What a refreshing story of small-town life and the importance of simply being able to play the game.RANDY SNOW, GALESBURG, MICH.

November 25, 1996 | Ron Fimrite
Mickey Mantle was striving to exorcise his personal demons when death intervened

November 25, 1996 | Peter King
Washington's obit: definitely premature, A league with worlds of value, A run on free-agent running backs

November 25, 1996 | Rick Reilly
Who says you can't fight city hall? Not a quarterback blindsided by a mayor

November 25, 1996 | Leo W. Banks
Safety comes first at the Custer Brothers Way Out West bullriding clinics

November 25, 1996 | Adele Conover
The University of Florida built a home for the bats that roosted in its stadiums

November 25, 1996 | Ron Fimrite
Football history was written at Princeton's Palmer Stadium for 82 seasons

November 25, 1996 | L. Jon Wertheim
Artist Germain Glidden sees beauty in sport and started a museum to display it

November 25, 1996 | Michael Finkel
Nobody can keep a footbag aloft the way Kenny Shults has for 20 years

November 25, 1996 | Allen Abel

November 25, 1996 | John Grossmann
One can skate for almost five miles on the Rideau Canal in Canada's capital

November 25, 1996
Katie GransonBETHLEHEM, PA.

November 25, 1996 | Edited by Richard O'Brien and Kostya Kennedy

November 25, 1996 | Edited by Richard O'Brien and Kostya Kennedy
161,000,000Dollars' worth of business generated in New York City in two weeks as a result of the World Series and the marathon.

November 25, 1996 | Edited by Richard O'Brien and Kostya Kennedy
Future Hall of Farmer Kirby Puckett retired because his vision was failing, but he's still doing good with balls and sticks. His charity pool tournament last Saturday drew stars like Ozzie Smith...

November 25, 1996 | Edited by Richard O'Brien and Kostya Kennedy
Britain's "Tatler" magazine, a 287-year-old publication covering fashion, society and the arts, has hired Claus von Bulow as its rugby correspondent.

November 25, 1996 | Edited by Richard O'Brien and Kostya Kennedy
Oliver MillerDallas Mavericks forward and former Toronto Raptor, on how he feels he'll be received in Toronto when he plays there later this season: "I'm kind of scared about how the fans are...

November 25, 1996 | Richard O'Brien
The Tao of Muhammad Ali, by Davis Miller, Warner Books

November 25, 1996 | Austin Murphy
The Broncos ran roughshod over the resurgent Patriots to show they are without a doubt the class of the AFC

November 25, 1996 | William Nack
Andy Katzenmoyer of Ohio State, a mere freshman, is the linchpin of a ferocious defense

November 25, 1996 | Bill Colson
Our newest senior editor, Steve Madden, might seem an unlikely NASCAR nut. An Ivy Leaguer from Boston, he spends much of his free time climbing mountains, kayaking rivers and winning masters'...

November 25, 1996 | Jack McCallum

November 25, 1996 | Michael Bamberger
Eric Wynalda, the volatile top scorer for the U.S. soccer team, has toned down his act but has raised his game

November 25, 1996 | Richard Hoffer
No. 1 Stanford got the season going with a rousing win over No. 2 Alabama

November 25, 1996
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November 25, 1996 | Tim Crothers
The once bumbling Ottawa Senators earned a place in hockey history as the worst expansion team ever

November 25, 1996 | Tim Crothers
Ottawa isn't the only expansion franchise that has been an embarrassment. I Here are 10 others and some of their forgettable moments.

November 25, 1996 | Rick Reilly

November 25, 1996 | Christian Stone

November 25, 1996 | S.L. Price

November 25, 1996 | John Walters
Athletic director Ken Hudson inherited a heap of trouble at his alma mater

November 25, 1996 | Franz Lidz
World mountain-biking champ Alison Sydor craves coffee and decisive victories

November 25, 1996 | David Fleming
Less than two years after reaching the Super Bowl, the Chargers have lost their winning ways

November 25, 1996 | David Fleming
49ERS at REDSKINSThe outcome hinges on whether Washington's defense can contain a San Francisco attack that ranks second in the NFC. Will the league's most porous unit rise up as it did on Sunday,...

November 25, 1996 | John Walters
All that stood between Wayne Chrebet and a brilliant NFL future was Harry Fisher. This was July 1995, the first day of the New York Jets' training camp. Chrebet, a rookie free-agent wide receiver,...

November 25, 1996 | John Walters
If Elvis Grbac is, as San Francisco mayor Willie Brown stated, "an embarrassment to humankind," then fellow 49ers quarterback Steve Young is rapidly on his way to becoming one. Grbac's figure for...

November 25, 1996 | John Walters
"If it ain't broke, don't fix it," said disgruntled Eagles running back Ricky Watters last week after his reduced number of carries (19) in Philadelphia's Nov. 10 loss to Buffalo. Against the...

November 25, 1996 | Paul Zimmerman
By dominating teams after halftime, the upstart Panthers have joined the playoff hunt