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February 03, 1997 | Volume 86, Issue 4

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Desmond Howard Cover - Sports Illustrated February 03, 1997

February 03, 1997
Kristeena AlexanderHEMPSTEAD, N.Y.

February 03, 1997
Elway is the only quarterback who got to the super Bowl three times on the strength of his arm alone. DAVID HOWE, Bertha, Minn.

February 03, 1997 | John Walters
Saturday 2/1

February 03, 1997 | John Walters
Because of its electors' tendency to reelect incumbents, the Pro Bowl (ABC, Sunday, 8 p.m.) has often been likened to the U.S. Senate. That's why we are delighted to announce that Jesse Helms (R.,...

February 03, 1997 | Kostya Kennedy
February 3, 1997

February 03, 1997 | Kostya Kennedy
15 Characters played by John Pinero in the one-man show Vince: The Life and Times of Vince Lombardi, at the Two Roads Theater in Los Angeles.

February 03, 1997 | Kostya Kennedy
Some sports logos are all but indecipherable. Can you tell which teams go with the logos below?

February 03, 1997 | Kostya Kennedy
The NCAA baseball bat controversy (left) is the most recent twist in the storied history of bats. The first Louisville Slugger was made for Pete Browning of the Louisville Eclipse in 1884, and 107...

February 03, 1997 | Kostya Kennedy
Former Oakland Raiders safety Jack Tatum—whose autobiography is entitled "They Call Me Assassin"—has applied for $156,000 a year in benefits from the NFL pension fund, citing mental anguish he has...

February 03, 1997 | Kostya Kennedy
Val Ackerman President of the WNBA, the new NBA-backed women's league, on cross-dressing Chicago Bulls forward Dennis Rodman: "David Stern and I talked about it. We're not letting Dennis play in...

February 03, 1997 | Tom Nawrocki
The Minnesota Twins' recent demand for state funds to build a rent-free, retractable-roof baseball-only stadium might sound like an old whine to fans who've heard similar pleas from teams in...

February 03, 1997 | Jack McCallum
Oh, Pioneers! These Girls Next Door Are the Ultimate High School Heroes

February 03, 1997 | Michael Silver
After suffering through a week of Patriots blather, the Packers got on with the business of winning their first NFL title in 29 years

February 03, 1997 | Paul Zimmerman
All Desmond Howard needed was a seam and the Patriots' hope of a rally against the Pack was thwarted

February 03, 1997 | Richard Deutsch
January 23, 1967

February 03, 1997 | Peter King
Paying the Price

February 03, 1997 | Peter King
The NFL salary cap in 1997 is expected to grow less than $1 million, to an estimated $41.5 million, but as of last Friday, four teams had already committed more than that to salaries for next...

February 03, 1997 | Leigh Montville
With a combined 49 years of NBA coaching experience, Dick Motta and Bill Fitch have seen it all

February 03, 1997 | Alexander Wolff
Martina Hingis was very hot and Pete Sampras was way cool in the first Slam of '97

February 03, 1997 | Franz Lidz
Again last week Mark Woodforde and Todd Woodbridge were a singular force in doubles

February 03, 1997 | Tim Crothers
With a lot of traditional powers in decline, a passel of strangers has become familiar with the rankings

February 03, 1997 | Kelli Anderson
The Cards Are Flying Again

February 03, 1997 | David Quammen
When the author went to the Amazon jungle to confirm that rarest of discoveries, a new primate species, it was very serious monkey business

February 03, 1997 | Jackie MacMullan
A Raptor's Anguish

February 03, 1997 | Gerry Callahan
New Orleans is a drinker's paradise, but it must have been hell for Brett Favre

February 03, 1997 | William F. Reed
Atlanta guard Steve Smith honored his mother by doing what she taught him: sharing

February 03, 1997 | William F. Reed

February 03, 1997 | David Fleming
Here's ammunition for those who argue that the quality of officiating is declining. When we asked our panel (a coach, player or front-office executive from each of the NBA's 29 teams) to name the...

February 03, 1997 | William F. Reed
The numbers lie—or so the Sonics say. For the season, Denver center Ervin Johnson has outscored his successor in Seattle, Jim McIlvaine (6.9 points a game to 4.0), outrebounded him (10.6 to 3.8)...

February 03, 1997 | Marty Burns
The way the Lakers performed on Sunday, silencing the Seattle crowd with a 32-point first quarter and then holding off a furious Sonics rally to win 104-103, is a bad sign for the rest of the...

February 03, 1997 | Marty Burns
Mavericks forward A.C. Green owns 12 Denny's franchises in and around his hometown of Portland, so he's a student of restaurants. Here's a list of his favorite late-night dining spots (besides his...

February 03, 1997 | Rick Reilly
Neck hairs jumped to attention. Birds bolted telephone lines. Ears ached and pulses raced and perfect strangers embraced. Near the clubhouse Nick Price heard it and said to somebody, "Had to be an...

February 03, 1997 | Gary Van Sickle

February 03, 1997
Arnie's a Man On a Mission

February 03, 1997
In business, good ideas are like annual flowers—planted in one season to bloom in another. In the golf business, the cycle of invention climaxes every January with the PGA Merchandise Show in...

February 03, 1997
42 The skins Ray Floyd collected in the last five Senior Skins Games, an event he's won four straight years and in which he has earned a record $1.17 million.

February 03, 1997 | Gary B. Smith

February 03, 1997 | Ken Bowdcn
So you think Tiger Woods has come out of the starting gate as a pro faster than Jack Nicklaus did in 1962? Well, you're right. Woods, as they may know even in Tibet, has won three times in 10...

February 03, 1997 | Gary Van Sickle
Steve Jones had the Phoenix open in the bag and a venerable number in his sights