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February 24, 1997 | Volume 86, Issue 8

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Derek Jeter Cover - Sports Illustrated February 24, 1997

February 24, 1997 | Walter Bingham
Monster wedges, juiced balls and trick tees diminish golf's old pleasures

February 24, 1997
Shelley HowiesonBURNABY, B.C.Howieson, 40, was named the NAIA women's soccer coach of the year after guiding Simon Fraser University to its first NAIA title with a 3-2 quintuple-OT win over the...

February 24, 1997 | Edited by Jack McCallum and Richard O'Brien

February 24, 1997 | Edited by Jack McCallum and Richard O'Brien
43Percentage success rate of two-point conversions in Div. 1 college football in 1996.

February 24, 1997 | Edited by Jack McCallum and Richard O'Brien
Wayne Gretzky drew fire last week for his un-PC appearance on the cover of "Cigar Aficionado." But stogies have long been a pungent part of sports. Consider:

February 24, 1997 | Edited by Jack McCallum and Richard O'Brien
Fantastic Feting Follows the Free-Agent Fan

February 24, 1997 | Edited by Jack McCallum and Richard O'Brien
A ruling on whether to dismiss a $110 million product placement lawsuit in the eponymous movie about sports agent Jerry Maguire was postponed last week because the U.S. district court judge making...

February 24, 1997 | Edited by Jack McCallum and Richard O'Brien
Greg HughesVice president of Turner Sports, on the fact that ratings for the Feb. 10 Westminster Dog Show on USA Network were triple those of any of the three college basketball games shown on TNT...

February 24, 1997 | E.M. Swift
Tara Lipinski, who's just 14, was sweetheart of the skating nationals, while to 16-year-old Michelle Kwan fell the role of the sport's faltering grande dame

February 24, 1997 | Ed Hinton
Jeff Gordon and his teammates ganged up on the Daytona 500 field for an unprecedented 1-2-3 finish

February 24, 1997 | Phil Taylor
Since fiancée Cristina Fernandez urged him to be bolder on the court, the Hornets' Glen Rice has been on a scoring spree

February 24, 1997 | Austin Murphy
All-Pro linebacker and amateur herpetologist Chad Brown shed the Steelers and moved to a new habitat by signing a monster of a deal with the Seahawks

February 24, 1997 | Michael Farber
It was all downhill for the U.S. at the worlds—until Hilary Lindh came through

February 24, 1997 | Michael Farber
That's all people see when they look at the Bulls' moody sixth man, but they don't know where Toni Kukoc is coming from

February 24, 1997 | Grant Wahl
JANUARY 31, 1955

February 24, 1997 | Tom Verducci
The Yankees' Derek Jeter is part of a rich crop of young players who are redefining the position

February 24, 1997 | Grant Wahl
Saturday 2/22

February 24, 1997 | Grant Wahl
Massachusetts' basketball team may have played better of late (witness last Saturday's 78-61 demolition of Maryland), but only a UMass-ochist would enjoy watching a team with double-digit losses...

February 24, 1997 | Alexander Wolff

February 24, 1997 | Tim Kurkjian
Trade for Mashburn turns up the Heat, Lakers cope without Shaq, Laettner perseveres against Rodman

February 24, 1997 | Kelli Anderson
New Mexico buries WAC opponents at home, UConn women again flirt with perfection, Raising Northern Arizona

February 24, 1997 | Rick Reilly
Cracking in the face of a marketing behemoth, the author goes loco over a logo

February 24, 1997
Mariucci had an opportunity to show character by postponing for a short time the money and fame that will certainly be his in the NFL.MICHAEL E. ANZIS, ALAMEDA, CALIF.

February 24, 1997
Sports Illustrated sometimes carries ads containing perfume or cologne samples. Subscribers who would prefer copies without scent strips should write to SPORTS ILLUSTRATED, P.O. Box 60001, Tampa,...

February 24, 1997 | Grant Wahl
The 1974 Howard University soccer team wanted to win more than an NCAA title

February 24, 1997 | William F. Reed
After 29 years as Princeton's head coach, Pete Carril is finding life as an NBA assistant has its pleasures

February 24, 1997 | William F. Reed

February 24, 1997 | David Fleming
The FleetCenter, which replaced Boston Garden as the home of the Celtics in 1995-96, has two private restaurants, seven elevators and 104 executive seats. But the building lacks one thing the...

February 24, 1997 | Willaim F. Reed
Were it not for a falling-out with his team in Greece, 6'11" Dean Garrett might be in the midst of his eighth season playing overseas. Instead he has found a home at last in the NBA as the...

February 24, 1997 | Marty Burns
After getting off to a sluggish start and hearing catcalls from the Madison Square Garden fans, Allan Houston has begun to show why the Knicks gave him a seven-year, $56 million free-agent...

February 24, 1997 | Marty Burns
Rockets forward Charles Barkley has said he will run for governor of Alabama as a Republican in 2002. What does he stand for? Perhaps we can gather some clues from this list of the political...