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March 10, 1997 | Volume 86, Issue 10

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Michael Jordan Cover - Sports Illustrated March 10, 1997

March 10, 1997 | Edited by Richard O'Brien and Hank Hersch

March 10, 1997 | Edited by Richard O'Brien and Hank Hersch
425Yards of the 850-yard run required of all Cleveland Indians that nonroster outfielder Kevin Mitchell, who arrived weighing 260 pounds, completed on his first day in camp.

March 10, 1997 | Edited by Richard O'Brien and Hank Hersch
Using an X-acto knife, acrylic paints and astounding patience, Michael Drummond of Cocoa, Fla., creates toothpick carvings of animals, actors and, yes, athletes. You can pick one up for $250.

March 10, 1997 | Edited by Richard O'Brien and Hank Hersch
A Bostonian Pays a Visit to Hallowed Ground

March 10, 1997 | Edited by Richard O'Brien and Hank Hersch
The sporting-goods firm Umbro, sponsor of England's Football Association Trophy, is offering a prize for the player who "performs the most original goal celebration" during a tournament game.

March 10, 1997 | Edited by Richard O'Brien and Hank Hersch
Jimy WilliamsRed Sox manager, on whether he would allow Boston's pull-no-punches press corps to interview him in the mornings, before the Sox' spring training facility opens: "As long as I've got...

March 10, 1997
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March 10, 1997 | Jack McCallum
More than ever it seems no team can catch the Bulls. Is that good for the NBA?

March 10, 1997 | Austin Murphy
To Canada's horror, Toronto has the NHL's worst team, and its arena was the site of a growing sex scandal

March 10, 1997 | Tim Crothers
Not slugger Matt Williams, but one of five new starters on the revamped Giants

March 10, 1997 | Tim Crothers
That's what Villanova freshman Tim Thomas has tried to do all his life, but he is simply too talented to blend into a crowd

March 10, 1997 | Richard Hoffer
Sugar Ray Leonard looked all of his 40 years in another ill-fated comeback

March 10, 1997 | Johnette Howard
Thanks to goalie Kasey Keller and a bit of luck, the U.S. avoided a loss to Jamaica in World Cup qualifying

March 10, 1997 | Michael Silver
Jeff George, the Raiders' $27 million new quarterback, wants to show he isn't such a bad guy

March 10, 1997 | Michael Cannell
Victorian ice yachts, which once ruled the Hudson, are out of hibernation

March 10, 1997 | Franz Lidz
David Beckerman, CEO of Starter, scores in sports apparel and high school hoops

March 10, 1997 | Robert Horn
South Korea's Choi Jong Yul became the first man to walk across the Sahara

March 10, 1997
While there may be an argument as to who the best point guard is, there's no disputing Brandon's immense talent and character.PAUL D. FULWILER, WILSONVILLE, ORE.

March 10, 1997 | William Nack

March 10, 1997 | William Nack
EMPHASIS OF THE DAY: Off.—Sprint to offense.

March 10, 1997 | John Walters
Saturday 3/8

March 10, 1997 | John Walters
Gimme a 'Z.' ...Gimme another 'Z.' ...March Madness gets under way on Thursday, and by evening's end Kentucky will have successfully defended its national championship. In cheerleading, that is....

March 10, 1997 | Kelli Anderson
After a slow start, North Carolina is finishing fast, The College of Charleston in the Big Dance, St. Joe's laughs last in the Atlantic 10

March 10, 1997 | Jackie MacMullan
Celtics' Walker earns consideration as top rookie, Two Nuggets worth saving, Utah's a nice place to visit, but....

March 10, 1997 | John Garrity
An erstwhile advocate for the common man finds golf's elite spectator plan irresistible

March 10, 1997

March 10, 1997 | Paul Gutierrez
Georgia State's clever promotions show how college grappling can survive

March 10, 1997 | Tim Kurkjian
The Clippers, laughingstocks no longer, are gearing up for the playoffs

March 10, 1997 | Tim Kurkjian

March 10, 1997 | Marty Burns
He didn't go to college, but Timberwolves forward Kevin Gamett is the man to lead the NBA into the 21st century. At least that's the answer we got when we asked one representative from each of the...

March 10, 1997 | Marty Burns
He made it to the top of the college basketball world at Duke and he made it back from a near-fatal car accident, but Sacramento point guard Bobby Hurley can't seem to make his mark in the NBA. In...

March 10, 1997 | Marty Burns
The Bullets might be this season's biggest disappointment, but Juwan Howard denies that he and the team's other forward, Chris Webber, both power forwards by nature, are having trouble meshing on...

March 10, 1997 | Marty Burns
Bullets season-ticket holder Robin Ficker is the NBA's best-known heckler. For 12 years he has sat behind the visiting team at Washington home games and dished out a steady stream of PG-rated...

March 10, 1997
Karrie Webb's Second Dad

March 10, 1997
369The length, in yards, of the longest drive on Tour this season, hit by Grant Waite on the 663-yard 15th hole at Tucson National, in the Tucson Classic.

March 10, 1997 | Gary B. Smith

March 10, 1997 | Jaime Diaz
At the Nissan Open, Nick Faldo found venerable Riviera to be right up his alley

March 10, 1997 | Jaime Diaz
Now that the Tour's eight-stop West Coast swing has ended, SPORTS ILLUSTRATED has decided to grade the performances of select members of the class of '97.

March 10, 1997 | Duffy Waldorf
One of the hot topics in the locker room last week was the one-year break the Nissan Open will take from Riviera next season so the course can rest up for the '98 U.S. Senior Open in July. I don't...

March 10, 1997 | Gary Van Sickle
Out of action for 18 months, José María Olazábal made an auspicious return at Dubai