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March 24, 1997 | Volume 86, Issue 12

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Scott Pollard Cover - Sports Illustrated March 24, 1997

March 24, 1997
Dave Valle is the type of ballplayer that kids should look up to.PETER HENDRICKSON, WALTHAM, MASS.

March 24, 1997
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March 24, 1997 | John Walters
Saturday 3/22

March 24, 1997 | John Walters
Ten years after being banned from the 1987 Orange Bowl for using anabolic steroids, former Oklahoma linebacker Brian Bosworth returns to Miami as a renegade private investigator in the new series...

March 24, 1997 | Edited by Jack McCallum and Richard O'Brien

March 24, 1997 | Edited by Jack McCallum and Richard O'Brien
12Phone calls received by the NFL requesting ticket information for the Los Angeles Z's, a fictional team put together in SI's Feb. 17 issue by senior writer Paul (Dr. Z) Zimmerman.

March 24, 1997 | Edited by Jack McCallum and Richard O'Brien
With Oscar night looming, it's time for another casting call (SCORECARD, July 8, 1996). With a minor makeover, these jocks—and one coach—could crash any party in Hollywood.

March 24, 1997 | Edited by Jack McCallum and Richard O'Brien
Reading Statman's Work Is a Real Labor

March 24, 1997 | Edited by Jack McCallum and Richard O'Brien
Chicago Bears defensive end Alonzo Spellman, whose eponymous charity organization educates youngsters about street violence, spent a night in jail last week after police stopped him for speeding...

March 24, 1997 | Edited by Jack McCallum and Richard O'Brien
Andrew MageePro golfer, on whether he would have caught Bill Clinton had the President fallen at Magee's house instead of fellow pro Greg Norman's: "Absolutely not. I would have let him fall on...

March 24, 1997
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March 24, 1997 | Alexander Wolff
Underdogs showed plenty of fight, but the top seeds prevailed to reach the Sweet 16 of the NCAAs

March 24, 1997 | Alexander Wolff
Several years ago I found myself called on the pile of Dean Smith's office carpet. In a biographical sketch of the North Carolina basketball coach, I had referred to him as someone who "quaffed"...

March 24, 1997 | Tom Verducci

March 24, 1997 | Merrell Noden
FEBRUARY 22, 1971

March 24, 1997 | Austin Murphy
With four trying seasons behind him, running back Garrison Hearst thinks he has finally found a home in the 49ers' backfield

March 24, 1997 | Michael Bamberger
Coolheaded Mariano Rivera is ready to bring the heat as the new closer for the Yankees

March 24, 1997 | Franz Lidz

March 24, 1997 | Leo W. Banks
The Swallows that return to Arizona in February are Japanese...and wear cleats

March 24, 1997 | Phil Taylor
Isaiah Rider, the Blazer' tempestuous guard, is kicking up dust in Portland as he did in Minnesota, delighting and frustrating those who know him

March 24, 1997 | Michael Farber

March 24, 1997 | Michael Cannell
Toboggans are all the rage in Camden, Maine

March 24, 1997 | Peter King
Some prized free agents awaiting lucrative offers, Al's well again in Oakland, Holmgren's costly decision

March 24, 1997 | Jackie MacMullan
IRS cases have referees sweating, Why Otis Thorpe is in the doghouse in Detroit, KJ may play next season

March 24, 1997
Herb StinsonAZTEC, N. MEX.Stinson, 44, wrestling coach at Aztec High, guided the Tigers to the AAA state title for the eighth straight year. They also won all 22 dual meets and the 10 tournaments...

March 24, 1997 | Rick Lipsey
Over a 40-year coaching career Bill Knapton was a big success at little Beloit

March 24, 1997 | Steve Lopez
With a libel suit, the Flyers hope to make talk radio put its money where its mouth is

March 24, 1997 | Tim Kurkjian
Hardworking Mario Elie has become the Rockets' unsung hero—and ace shoe salesman

March 24, 1997 | Tim Kurkjian

March 24, 1997 | Tim Kurkjian
Aside from the presence of five future Hall of Famers on the court, here's a good reason to pull for a Bulls-Rockets NBA Finals: It would match the team with the sharpest uniforms (Chicago)...

March 24, 1997 | Marty Burns
The crop of free agents that may be available after the 1997-98 season is being hailed as the best since, well, last year. Along with established stars like the Magic's Penny Hardaway and the...

March 24, 1997 | Marty Burns
With a 48-17 record at week's end, 2½ games better than Seattle's, Utah is poised to gain home court advantage throughout the Western Conference playoffs for the first time in history. "It's our...

March 24, 1997 | Marty Burns
Nets center Eric Montross might well be called Big Country, if another flat-topped 7-footer didn't already have that nickname. Born and raised in Indianapolis, Montross grew up fishing, hunting...

March 24, 1997
Terrible Twenty Keeps Kicking

March 24, 1997
1:26:44The time it took Alice Miller, playing alone, to shoot 71 on Sunday in the Welch's/Circle K Championship, which broke the LPGA record for the fastest round by eight minutes, 49 seconds.

March 24, 1997 | Gary B. Smith

March 24, 1997 | Larry Dierker
As I enter my first season as manager of the Houston Astros, I've been talking to my pitchers about the similarities between golf and pitching because I believe that golf can help a pitcher...

March 24, 1997 | Gary Van Sickle
Going the distance to find a bona fide winner, the players put in a 36-hole final day at the Honda Classic

March 24, 1997 | Walter Bingham
The Sorenstams may have reason to smile, but they aren't talking—at least not to each other