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April 07, 1997 | Volume 86, Issue 14

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Miles Simon Cover - Sports Illustrated April 07, 1997

April 07, 1997 | Tin Layden
Scalpers come in several guises, but they all see themselves as essential to the commerce of sport. Inside this last bastion of pure capitalism, only one rule prevails—buy low, sell high

April 07, 1997

April 07, 1997 | Jackie MacMullan

April 07, 1997 | Jackie MacMullan
If the Heat's Isaac Austin (above), our choice for Most Improved Player, wins the award, maybe he should consider rejecting it, based on the lamentable histories of the last six recipients....

April 07, 1997 | Jeff Pearlman
Ronnie Duquette, aka Sneaker Man, collects shoes worn by celebrity athletes

April 07, 1997 | L. Jon Wertheim
Alonzo Highsmith, former NFL back, hopes to be a heavyweight contender

April 07, 1997 | Tim Crothers
With a feint toward the door, basketball coaches can cash in by staying where they are

April 07, 1997

April 07, 1997
165,000Value, in dollars, of rented earrings that Oscar-winner Jessica Yu (documentary short subject) wore to the Academy Awards.

April 07, 1997
The Kansas City Royals last week released first baseman-designated hitter Bob (the Hammer) Hamelin, the 1994 American League Rookie of the Year, who, like several past top rookies, including...

April 07, 1997
When Cincinnati's lineup was announced at an exhibition game last Thursday against the Texas Rangers, fans may have thought they were flashing hack to the 1970s, the era of the Big Red Machine.

April 07, 1997
George Bush's parachute jump last week in Yuma, Ariz., was his first since he exited a burning bomber in 1944. Much has happened in the intervening years, including a most famous leap.

April 07, 1997
On March 26 dozens of high school students in Cincinnati skipped classes, with their parents' consent, so they could queue up to buy Nike Is new Michael Jordan basketball sneakers, at $140 a pair.

April 07, 1997
Larry DierkerHouston Astros manager, on his move from the team's broadcast booth to the dugout: "In broadcasting, I was an analyst. By the time I finish managing, I might need one."

April 07, 1997 | Kostya Kennedy
Double Team, Columbia Pictures, opens Friday

April 07, 1997
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April 07, 1997 | Austin Murphy
Of drinking songs and red lights: North Dakota wins the other Final Four

April 07, 1997 | Alexander Wolff

April 07, 1997 | Kelli Anderson

April 07, 1997 | Ron Fimrite
Fans of the national pastime have five new volumes to add to their collections

April 07, 1997 | Richard Deutsch
Agent Dwight Manley has shown client Dennis Rodman the money

April 07, 1997 | Robert H. Boyle
Turkey vultures will flock to a bird feeder if it's well stocked with carrion

April 07, 1997 | Stephen Cannella
If James Joyce is your cup of tea, the Ramble 10K is a run to savor

April 07, 1997 | Seth Davis
APRIL 4, 1977

April 07, 1997 | Peter King

April 07, 1997 | Peter King
Since the salary cap was implemented in 1994, the Cowboys have had to do some serious number-crunching. But you ain't seen nothin' yet. According to salary lists obtained by SI, the cap cost of...

April 07, 1997 | Phil Taylor
Improving as the season rolls along, Shareef Abdur-Rahim of the Grizzlies is at the top of this year's rookie class

April 07, 1997 | John Walters
Saturday 4/5

April 07, 1997 | John Walters
The only Johnny-on-the-spot among the nominees announced last week for the 18th annual Sports Emmy Awards (to be awarded April 23) was NBC golf analyst Johnny Miller. Kudos to Miller, who deserves...

April 07, 1997 | S.L. Price
Martina Hingis blew through the Upton and became, at 16, the youngest women's No. 1 ever

April 07, 1997 | Rick Reilly

April 07, 1997 | Michael Farber
Suddenly surging Dallas has a few words for the defending NHL champs: Colorado, here we come!

April 07, 1997
Besides being the only team in the league that is always interesting to watch, the Bulls elevate the play of their opponents.JANICE NOLAND, VENTURA, CALIF.

April 07, 1997 | Michael Farber
In striving for long-term success, Indians general manager John Hart has made tough player moves that weren't immediately popular

April 07, 1997 | Michael Silver

April 07, 1997 | Marty Burns
Utah coach Jerry Sloan likes to scour flea markets, hut one bauble has eluded him

April 07, 1997 | Marty Burns

April 07, 1997 | Tim Kurkjian
Once considered a heads-up play, it is now the move that our panel of 29 players, coaches and executives would most like to outlaw. Asked to name the one rule they would change if they could, nine...

April 07, 1997 | Tim Kurkjian
For a former player to become a referee is, to Bullets guard Tim Legler, like a sports-writer becoming a coach. "First you spend all that time criticizing them," Legler says, "and then you're one...

April 07, 1997 | Marty Burns
Hard to believe, but after an 0-13 start the Suns have ridden a three-guard offense to climb back into the Western Conference playoff picture. At 33-39 through Sunday, Phoenix stands as the...

April 07, 1997 | Marty Burns
76ers center Michael Cage has been preaching the gospel of juice since his salad days at San Diego State. He credits his juice habit with sustaining him through his run of 645 straight games...

April 07, 1997 | Jaime Diaz
Think Tigermania is at a fever pitch? Wait until he wins the green jacket next week in Augusta

April 07, 1997 | John Garrity
Showing her old Hall of Fame form, Betsy King won the Dinah for one fundamental reason

April 07, 1997 | Walter Bingham
Amen Corner may be more famous, but a stretch on the front nine's more dangerous

April 07, 1997
1 Which green at Augusta National rests atop a Native American burial ground?

April 07, 1997 | John Garrity

April 07, 1997
Augusta's Kid Next Door

April 07, 1997
What used to be a slow trickle of golf books has turned into a torrent in recent years. Everybody, it seems, from Tour players such as Davis Love III with his upcoming Every Shot I Take to...

April 07, 1997
2Percentage of woods actually made of wood purchased by U.S. golfers in 1996, according to a poll of amateurs conducted by the Darrell Survey.

April 07, 1997 | Gary B. Smith

April 07, 1997 | Larry Guest
Ever since a reporter from the Athens Tablet first pulled a scroll from his tunic to interview a wrestler at Olympia, the relationship between the media and athletes has been in decline. The...

April 07, 1997 | Stephanie Mansfield
Women go to the Dinah for the golf and for the scene that has grown up around the tournament