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June 09, 1997 | Volume 86, Issue 23

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Michael Jordan Cover - Sports Illustrated June 09, 1997

June 09, 1997 | Gary Smith
<b>High Above The Big Top Floor, The Amazing Guerreros Harness All Their Strength And Fear To Cross The Thin Cable That Binds Together Their Family And Their Fate.</b>

June 09, 1997 | Gary Smith
The Guerreros' showstopper begins when Brian steps onto a wire, three stories up, and dons a shoulder brace holding a crossbar. Next on the wire is Cappy, wearing a brace at the other end of that...

June 09, 1997
A cockeyed look at what's on Tiger Woods's personal calendar this month

June 09, 1997
If the Jets had had a few more Wayne Chrebets on their roster and one less Keyshawn Johnson, they wouldn't have finished 1-15.SCOTT REID, BROOKLYN

June 09, 1997 | John Walters
Saturday 6/7

June 09, 1997 | John Walters
Remember when the only blue and red you saw in a hockey game were the lines on the ice? Fox Sports' "FoxTrax"—the blue circle around the puck and the red comet tail that appears behind the puck...

June 09, 1997 | Edited By Richard O'Brien and Hank Hersch

June 09, 1997 | Edited By Richard O'Brien and Hank Hersch
15Cost, in cents, of a cup of coffee at Bola, a Coimbra, Portugal, café whose owner, thrilled by Sporting Lisbon's 1982 league soccer title, vowed not to raise java prices until the team won again.

June 09, 1997 | Edited By Richard O'Brien and Hank Hersch
Think the quest to find an NBA center isn't a tall order? Teams have traversed the globe to pick up pivots, and yet another foreign-born big man, Virgin Islands native Tim Duncan of Wake Forest,...

June 09, 1997 | Edited By Richard O'Brien and Hank Hersch
Toni Braxton's most recent album may be Secrets, but the songstress's romantic brushes—alleged and otherwise—with professional athletes have generated more than a few whispers. The men in question:

June 09, 1997 | Edited By Richard O'Brien and Hank Hersch
Major league baseball clubs provide simple fare for their players—and plenty of it. Here's what an average team consumes in the course of a game:

June 09, 1997
SPORTS ILLUSTRATED offers current and past articles, photos and special multimedia features on CompuServe (GO SPORTS) and on the Internet ( To subscribe to CompuServe,...

June 09, 1997 | Kostya Kennedy
On an idyllic opening night, a women's pro softball league made a historic pitch

June 09, 1997 | Kostya Kennedy
Former heavyweight champion Riddick (Big Daddy) Bowe, 29, has applied for a $10.49-an-hour job as a school guard in Upper Marlboro, Md.

June 09, 1997 | Kostya Kennedy
Curt SchillingPhiladelphia Phillies pitcher, on his less-than-sculpted 6'4", 234-pound physique: "This isn't a body. It's a cruel family joke."

June 09, 1997 | Phil Taylor

June 09, 1997 | Marty Burns
Not even You Know Who has been more valuable than Scottie Pippen in the Bulls' postseason run

June 09, 1997 | Seth Davis
MAY 8, 1978

June 09, 1997 | David Fleming
Nasty Vladimir Konstantinov puts bite in the Red Wings as they battle the Flyers for the Stanley Cup

June 09, 1997 | Tim Layden

June 09, 1997 | Tom Verducci

June 09, 1997 | S.L. Price
Pete Sampras left the French Open in familiar fashion—as an upset victim thinking of a friend in trouble

June 09, 1997 | Johnette Howard
The MetroStars' masterly Roberto Donadoni is trying to raise the MLS game to his level

June 09, 1997 | Rick Reilly

June 09, 1997
Chris AguilaRENOChris, a senior pitcher-infielder for McQueen High, tied the national high school record for home runs in a season when he hit his 29th of the year during a win over Las Vegas...

June 09, 1997 | Jaime Diaz
Just because the U.S. Open finishes on a par-3 doesn't mean that it will come to a bad end

June 09, 1997 | Tim Crothers

June 09, 1997 | Michael Silver
The ax fell on some high-priced vets as clubs trimmed their payrolls to beat the cap

June 09, 1997 | Alan Shipnuck
Inside the Beltway, golf has always been a capital idea

June 09, 1997 | John Garrity
That remained an Open question, especially after a Vijay Singh win ended a long week at the Memorial

June 09, 1997 | John Garrity

June 09, 1997 | Michael Bamberger
Ken Venturi, the 1964 Open champion, has faced life's ups and downs by following his father's commandments

June 09, 1997 | William F. Reed
Tiny Pepperdine proved it could play with the big boys at the NCAA Championships

June 09, 1997
No One Can Top A Pair of Aces

June 09, 1997
For Tour rookies, the trick is playing well enough to stick around for a second season. Of the 24-member freshman class of '96—excluding rookie of the year Tiger Woods, a two-time winner in his...

June 09, 1997
•TOM KITE: El Capitan says the European team should be favored in the Ryder Cup. Sandbagger.

June 09, 1997
28Months since Jack Nicklaus last finished in the top 10 of a PGA Tour event before tying for eighth at eight under par at the rain-shortened Memorial.

June 09, 1997 | Lee Eisenberg
Several years ago I found myself paired with a stranger on the Magnolia Course at Walt Disney World. The man, a plastic-sign mogul from Racine, Wis., or some such place, was a high handicapper who...

June 09, 1997 | Walter Bingham
A guy named Arnie made Jack Nicklaus's rise to the top unlike anything Tiger Woods will ever encounter