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July 14, 1997 | Volume 87, Issue 2

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Pete Sampras Cover - Sports Illustrated July 14, 1997

July 14, 1997 | Dan Morse
No one executes flips like 15-time national champion Karl Heger

July 14, 1997
Shannon NagleMACUNGIE, PA.Nagle, a senior All-America striker for the Emmaus High girls' soccer team, scored both goals, including the game-winner with 2:55 left in the fourth overtime, as the...

July 14, 1997 | Edited by Hank Hersch and Kostya Kennedy

July 14, 1997 | Edited by Hank Hersch and Kostya Kennedy
1,723,000,000Income, in dollars, that Atlanta's Olympic organizing committee had taken in when it ceased operations, some $600 million more than it had projected in its bid—but barely enough to...

July 14, 1997 | Edited by Hank Hersch and Kostya Kennedy
Manager Mitch Zwolensky of the Minot Mallards in the independent Prairie League protested a game against the Regina Cyclones because his players were denied additional warmup time after waiting...

July 14, 1997 | Edited by Hank Hersch and Kostya Kennedy
Nick LoweryForty-one-year-old kicker, on his status after being released by the New York Jets in February: "I'm not really a free agent, but Fm very affordable."

July 14, 1997 | Jeff Pearlman
In Whose Honor? Directed by Jay Rosenstein; July 15, 10 p.m., PBS

July 14, 1997
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July 14, 1997 | S.L. Price

July 14, 1997 | Alan Shipnuck

July 14, 1997 | Gerry Callahan

July 14, 1997 | Jon Wertheim
September 15, 1986

July 14, 1997 | David Fleming
With attitude aplenty, New York is dominating the WNBA

July 14, 1997 | Tim Crothers

July 14, 1997 | John Walters
Saturday 7/12

July 14, 1997 | John Walters
From this summer's saturation coverage of the WNBA on NBC, ESPN and Lifetime emerges this question: Shouldn't some of basketball's hallowed terminology be altered to reflect the gender of the new...

July 14, 1997 | Robert Horn

July 14, 1997 | Leigh Montville

July 14, 1997
After 42 years, why couldn't you put Steve Yzerman and the Stanley Cup on your cover instead of Malone and the Manchild?JAMES C. BENOIT, CHICOPEE, MASS.

July 14, 1997 | Michael Farber
Sadly, the apple of the public's eye is rarely an admirable champion like Pete Sampras

July 14, 1997 | Kate Ledger
Even after a fatal 1920 beaning, players were slow to adopt batting helmets

July 14, 1997 | Gary Van Sickle
Unmemorable Troon is capable of providing a test no one will forget

July 14, 1997 | John Garrity

July 14, 1997 | Alan Shipnuck

July 14, 1997 | Matthew Rudy
1989 Trial by Fire. After Mark Calcavecchia had prevailed in the historic playoff by stacking a five-iron shot on the final hole, some said that he had also won the first major played on...

July 14, 1997 | Matthew Rudy
Jack Nicklaus has the best record in the major championships of any player in history. The numbers say it all. He has won six Masters, five PGA Championships, four U.S. Opens and three British...

July 14, 1997 | C.W. Nevius
An influx of golf greats and celebrity jocks has made Orlando the best address in sports

July 14, 1997
Famous 18th Gets a Face-lift

July 14, 1997
Fresh off his victory in Memphis on June 29, Greg Norman is in top form heading into next week's British Open at Royal Troon, where he'll be gunning for his third I Open title. The Shark hasn't '...

July 14, 1997
WORLD RECORD: How much golf is too much? How about 17 rounds in 24 hours, the record recently set by five Englishmen in Iceland?

July 14, 1997
62The strokes Colin Montgomerie took on Sunday at the par-71 Druids Glen club in Dublin to set the course record and win the Irish Open. Tolliver (below) teams with Fortunate

July 14, 1997 | Billy Joe Tolliver
After Tiger and Fluff, Cheeseburger and I might be the oddest couple in golf. I'm from a blue-collar family in the tiny town of Boyd, Texas. Jeff (Cheeseburger) Fortunato is a rich kid who has...