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July 28, 1997 | Volume 87, Issue 4

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Tony Gwynn Cover - Sports Illustrated July 28, 1997

July 28, 1997

July 28, 1997 | Bill Colson
We are proud to announce the launch of a comprehensive sports Web site that, like our 24-hour cable sports network, CNN/SI, combines the up-to-the-minute global coverage of CNN with the in-depth...

July 28, 1997 | Ron Fimrite
APRIL 14, 1969

July 28, 1997
(WWW.CNNSI.COM)SPORTS ILLUSTRATED and CNN team up on the Internet to offer up-to-the minute sports news and stats as well as stories and photos from the magazine. You can also find SI articles and...

July 28, 1997 | John Walters
Saturday 7/26

July 28, 1997 | John Walters
Big Fish, small pond. Fish Fishburne, the 6'2" host of Go Fish! (TNN, Sunday, 8 p.m.), explores the indoor lagoon of Nashville's Opryland Hotel, angling for bass and laughs. One out of two ain't...

July 28, 1997 | Edited by Hank Hersch and Alexander Wolff

July 28, 1997 | Edited by Hank Hersch and Alexander Wolff
3Holes in one within an hour on the same hole, the 125-yard No. 8, by golfers at Ryan Hill Country Club in Osceola, Neb.

July 28, 1997 | Edited by Hank Hersch and Alexander Wolff
In 1994, Cal basketball coach Todd Bozeman agreed to pay the parents of recruit Jelani Gardner $15,000 a year to have their son play for the Golden Bears. Since being forced to resign a year ago...

July 28, 1997 | Edited by Hank Hersch and Alexander Wolff
Tiffany will display, in New York till Sept. 6, trophies of its making with sports motifs integrated into their designs.

July 28, 1997 | Edited by Hank Hersch and Alexander Wolff
During a ceremony honoring boxing promoter Don King, NAACP president Kweisi Mfume likened King to Jackie Robinson as a trailblazer.

July 28, 1997 | Edited by Hank Hersch and Alexander Wolff
Mark RolfingABC golf commentator, on a portly reporter who stumbled and rolled into a bunker at the British Open: "Instead of getting out in two, it took two to get him out."

July 28, 1997 | Rick Reilly

July 28, 1997
Those boys deserve no sympathy. They do not deserve to walk the same streets as Leslie Faber.JOHN ZILE, CASTRO VALLEY, CALIF.

July 28, 1997 | Tom Verducci

July 28, 1997 | David Fleming
Jim Harbaugh and the Colts reported to camp intent on shedding their Cinderella image

July 28, 1997 | Julian Rubinstein
In yacht racing no one plays the game like New Zealand's Russell Coutts

July 28, 1997 | William Nack

July 28, 1997 | Tim Kurkjian

July 28, 1997 | Tim Crothers

July 28, 1997 | Leigh Montville

July 28, 1997 | Franz Lidz
Dodgers reliever Scott Radinsky throws smoke and sings music that burns

July 28, 1997 | Franz Lidz
Behold the Wiffle ball, still dipping and diving 43 years after its modest debut

July 28, 1997 | Craig Masback
As new boss of USA Track & Field, the author presents a fresh vision for a troubled sport

July 28, 1997 | E.M. Swift

July 28, 1997 | John Garrity
Friends Lee Westwood and Darren Clarke head a new wave of European stars

July 28, 1997
Publinx Gets a Private Look

July 28, 1997
•PHIL MICKELSON: Question: "Did your dad train you like Tiger's dad trained him?" Answer: "No, my dad was fun."

July 28, 1997
The Nike (né Hogan) tour was created to give young pros a place to develop, but the seven-year-old circuit has morphed into a safety net for middle-aged retreads not good enough to stick on the...

July 28, 1997
8The cuts made by Jack Nicklaus, who finished 60th in the British Open, in the last nine Tour majors.

July 28, 1997 | Oscar De La Hoya
My dream isn't to be richer than Mike Tyson or to be more famous than Muhammad Ali—it's to play a round of golf with Evander Holyfield and Felix Trinidad. But I don't see my dream coming true...

July 28, 1997 | Jaime Diaz

July 28, 1997
A study in contrast: The spectacle of last week's British Open and the simple splendor of the linksland