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August 24, 1998 | Volume 89, Issue 8

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Babe Ruth Cover - Sports Illustrated August 24, 1998

August 24, 1998
Regarding your article on the NBA lockout: Who cares?—STERLING EMBRY, Gainesville, Ga.

August 24, 1998
Letters to SPORTS ILLUSTRATED should include the name, address and home telephone number of the writer. They may be mailed to The Editor, SPORTS ILLUSTRATED, Time & Life Building, New York,...

August 24, 1998 | Mark Beech
October 29, 1979

August 24, 1998 | Steve Rushin
From left to right, a reconsideration of baseball's killing fields

August 24, 1998 | Steve Rushin
•That Jeff Gordon, who won his fourth straight NASCAR race on Sunday, lose his corporate finish and put some genuine emotion into his stilted postrace routine.

August 24, 1998

August 24, 1998
33,240,000Difference, in dollars, between the maximum ($47.74 million) and the minimum ($14.5 million) Peyton Manning can make in the next six years, based on performance goals in his Colts...

August 24, 1998
YESIt might be hard to believe, but Notre Dame has sports other than football. A shift to the Big Ten, now under consideration, would save millions in travel costs for the school's nonrevenue...

August 24, 1998
Though they have the American League East title all but wrapped up, the New York Yankees have a more historic test facing them: displacing the 1906 Chicago Cubs (.763) as baseball's most...

August 24, 1998
In explaining why he hiked the price of the best box seats for the 1998 World Series from $75 to $150, baseball commissioner Bud Selig said that Series tickets have been undervalued for years. We...

August 24, 1998
Fox Sports Midwest has hired as its St. Louis Blues on-air analyst Bruce Affleck, who's the Blues' director of ticket sales.

August 24, 1998
R.C. SLOCUMTexas A&M football coach, on losing prize recruit Chip Ambres to a $1.5 million Florida Marlins contract: "I have a lot of rules and no money. Baseball has a lot of money and no rules."

August 24, 1998 | Johnette Howard
Utah's 7'2" Margo Dydek is not in the mood to dunk, O.K.?

August 24, 1998 | Loren Mooney
It's not the largest assemblage of motorcycles in the world—there are probably biker bars with more hogs in their parking lots—but "The Art of the Motorcycle" exhibit at the Guggenheim Museum in...

August 24, 1998 | L. Jon Wertheim
Virtual ads are the next frontier in TV sports

August 24, 1998 | L. Jon Wertheim
Anyone would jump at the chance to buy the ball that Mark McGwire hits for his 62nd dinger. But it takes an aficionado to collect, say, Wrigley Field ivy. For seekers of the less obvious, we...

August 24, 1998 | Johnette Howard
At the U.S. nationals, backstroker Lenny Krayzelburg took a backseat to no one

August 24, 1998
Fox baseball announcer Joe Buck still has a way to go to match his father, Hall of Fame broadcaster Jack Buck, in the tell-it-like-it-is department, but he's getting there. Take his reaction to...

August 24, 1998
David Schummy, Brisbane, AustraliaBoomerangSchummy, 31, a picture framer, set a world long-distance record with a throw of 174 meters at the world championships in Edwardsville, Ill., defeating...

August 24, 1998 | John Walters
Saturday 8/22

August 24, 1998 | John Walters
Wapner was too cranky. Judy is too gruff. Mills Lane is our kind of judge. In fact, if you believe the intro to his new syndicated half-hour courtroom show, Judge Mills Lane, boxing's feisty...

August 24, 1998 | Tom Verducci
Closer Kerry Ligtenberg and his equally anonymous fellow relievers are refuting the notion that they're too green to help the Braves win a World Series

August 24, 1998

August 24, 1998
SPORTS ILLUSTRATED and CNN team up on the Internet to offer up-to-the-minute sports news and stats. This week get ready to kick off the start of the NFL season: Register now to join not one but...

August 24, 1998 | Mark Bechtel
Mark Wohlers just can't find the plate

August 24, 1998 | John Garrity
By winning the PGA, that man of mystery, Vijay Singh, cleared up any doubts about his stature as a golfer

August 24, 1998 | Michael Silver
Stung by a sexual-assault complaint, Bears draftee turned to the Lord, took a wife, fired his agent—and found himself in the middle of a holy mess

August 24, 1998
Roses Are RedAnd so are golf course weeping willows and the grass infields at running tracks and ballparks when they're photographed with infrared film, which sees the heat from live vegetation as...

August 24, 1998 | Jack McCallum
Thanks to rival tours and big-bucks sponsorships, bass-fishing pros are becoming millionaires in a sport that could turn into the next NASCAR

August 24, 1998

August 24, 1998 | Peter King
What's My Line?The 49ers may have solved their problems at offensive tackle

August 24, 1998 | L. Jon Wertheim
Lissome LindsayA slimmed-down and fired-up Lindsay Davenport is stealing the show on the women's tour

August 24, 1998 | L. Jon Wertheim
2Teenagers in the ATP's top 100: Argentina's Mariano Puerta, 19, is 61st, and Russia's Marat Safin, 18, is 74th.

August 24, 1998 | Tim Crothers
Boston shortstop Nomar Garciaparra is the American League MVP

August 24, 1998 | Keith Olbermann
John Olerud could be the first to win batting titles in both leagues

August 24, 1998 | Franz Lidz
It's no coincidence that Bobby Higginson is Kirk Gibson's heir apparent

August 24, 1998 | William Nack
In the late summer of 1927, Babe Ruth, who died 50 years ago this week, went on a historic home run-hitting spree to set the record that would seal his immortality

August 24, 1998 | Rick Reilly
I once asked Jim Murray if he kept a few extra columns in the bank for days when he had the flu or a tee time or an incurably blank computer screen. "Of course not!" he yowled. "What if I die one...

August 24, 1998 | Jeff Pearlman
Grace Park dominated America's sweetheart in the U.S. Women's Amateur

August 24, 1998 | Edited by Kevin Cook
England SwingsSherri Steinhauer won a wild Woman's British Open

August 24, 1998 | Edited by Kevin Cook
What do these players have in common?

August 24, 1998 | Edited by Kevin Cook
Which young player will make the best pro?

August 24, 1998 | Edited by Kevin Cook
46Shots over par by John Daly in this year's Grand Slam events. Daly, who missed the cut at the PGA, finished 1998 with a 74.5-stroke average in the majors.

August 24, 1998 | Alan Shipnuck
After a wait of more than six months, the Pebble Beach Pro-Am gave birth to a winner

August 24, 1998 | George Brett
Plenty of ballplayers retire to the golf course, but how many become caddies? Every year since I quit playing baseball in 1993, I have carried my buddy Larry Ziegler's bag a time or two on the...

August 24, 1998
One-Trick Gorilla: While Tiger Woods played conservatively off the tees at Sahalee all week, John Daly whaled away with his driver and missed the cut by a mile. "He had no chance," said playing...

August 24, 1998 | Cameron Morfit

August 24, 1998 | Jaime Diaz
This is what I get for predicting a new wave in the old game?

August 24, 1998 | Gary Van Sickle
Predictions of a U.S. rout in the Presidents Cup were put to rest at the PGA