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January 24, 2000 | Volume 92, Issue 3

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Isaac Bruce Cover - Sports Illustrated January 24, 2000

January 24, 2000
The story of Barkley's demise brought a tear to my eye.—RYAN GUSTAFSON, Morristown, Minn.

January 24, 2000
Letters to SPORTS ILLUSTRATED should include the name, address and home telephone number of the writer. They may he mailed to The Editor, SPORTS ILLUSTRATED, Time & Life Building, New York,...

January 24, 2000 | John O'Keefe
November 1, 1965

January 24, 2000 | John Walters

January 24, 2000 | John Walters
On HBO's Real Sports (Monday, 10 p.m.), the SI/Real Sports segment profiles Timberwolves forward Kevin Garnett, who went from high school to NBA All-Star without benefit of college. His route...

January 24, 2000 | John Walters
When earlier this month Dennis Rodman expressed interest in returning to the NBA, no freak-show press conference was hastily arranged, no sportswriter was tipped off, no late-night TV host got the...

January 24, 2000 | John Walters
In his second stint as analyst, former NBA coach Danny Ainge again will call 'em as he sees 'em

January 24, 2000 | Steve Rushin
A campaign to repair John Rocker's image is getting him—and his apologists—in even deeper

January 24, 2000 | Frank Deford
The NFL should take the gag off its oft-embattled referees

January 24, 2000 | Frank Deford
7Decades in which jockey Ray York, 66, has had a mount, after finishing 10th on Culebra at Santa Anita last week.

January 24, 2000 | Frank Deford
He put championship rings on the fingers of Luc Longley, Will Perdue and even Dennis Hopson. Now Michael Jordan seems ready to attempt more magic tricks. If a deal goes through making him a...

January 24, 2000
For complete NFL postseason coverage, including Dr. Z's exclusive AFC and NFC championship game forecasts and on-site analysis form Peter King, go to

January 24, 2000
Sour CharlotteBobby Phill's death is the latest in a string of North Carolina woes

January 24, 2000
SlainZeljko Raznjatovic, a.k.a. Arkan, alleged Serbian war criminal turned soccer impresario [SCORECARD, April 19], in a Belgrade hotel lobby. The onetime leader of the Tigers, a notorious...

January 24, 2000
The father of a youth league baseball player sued his son's coach for $2,000, claiming that bad coaching cost the boy a trip to a tournament in Florida.

January 24, 2000
JAY LENOOn NFL players in trouble with the law: "Imagine how bad it would be if football didn't build character."

January 24, 2000 | Ron Fimrite
Ronald Reagan's body double had one of the best arms of an era rich in hurlers

January 24, 2000 | Paul Zimmerman
SI senior writer Paul Zimmerman, a member of the Pro Football Hall of Fame selection committee, will join 37 colleagues in Atlanta on Jan. 29 to choose Canton's Class of 2000 from among 15...

January 24, 2000 | Franz Lidz
Even fighting one-handed, Roy Jones Jr. produced a Radio City spectacular

January 24, 2000 | L. Jon Wertheim
Sarunas Marciulionis brings NBA-style hoops to Northern Europe

January 24, 2000 | Kenny Moore
One of his runners recalls the genius of Oregon coaching giant and Nike cofounder Bill Bowerman

January 24, 2000 | Jack McCallum
Who says all basketball bios are alike?

January 24, 2000
Morgan Valley, Colchester, Vt.BasketballMorgan, a senior guard at Rice Memorial High, scored 18 points to lead the Little Indians to a 56-30 defeat of Lewistown High. The win was Rice Memorial's...

January 24, 2000 | Michael Silver
The Rams and a divinely inspired Isaac Bruce made true believers of the football world by dismantling the Vikings

January 24, 2000
Rayna TerrorDolphins receiver Oronde Gadsden gets guillotined by Jaguars safety Rayna Stewart during Jacksonville's 62-7 defeat of Miami in the AFC playoffs (page 44).

January 24, 2000 | Jack McCallum
Dolphins coach Jimmy Johnson bowed out after a humiliating loss to the Jaguars. Can Dan Marino be far behind?

January 24, 2000 | Peter King
Led by the strong and swift Eddie George and a surprising and stifling defense, the Titans manhandled the Colts to buoy the Super Bowl hopes of their legion of new fans

January 24, 2000 | David Fleming
A never-say-die defense, with unheralded Brad Culpepper at its center, kept the Bucs afloat with a pair of clutch turnovers against the Redskins

January 24, 2000 | Richard Hoffer
The swingin' Giambis—the A's Jason and the Royals' Jeremy—still live with Mom and Dad in their childhood home, hanging out together as they always have

January 24, 2000 | Grant Wahl
Gritty forward Eduardo Nájera has come blazing out of Mexico to become a star at Oklahoma—and a cult hero back home

January 24, 2000

January 24, 2000 | Jackie MacMullan
What's to Like, Mike?As a co-owner Michael Jordan would bring sorely needed cachet to the woeful Wizards

January 24, 2000 | Jackie MacMullan
Larry Bird is off the hook. Although the Pacers finished last week with the best record in the Eastern Conference, Bird won't have to coach in the All-Star Game, an event he hates because of the...

January 24, 2000 | Jackie MacMullan
Wouldn't NBA players love to see their bosses match up? The coaches have toughness and rebounding, but the head-to-head matchups favor the general managers.

January 24, 2000 | Tom Verducci
Left Side StoryIt may take a sinister plan to beat the Yankees

January 24, 2000 | Kostya Kennedy
Winning With StyleThe run-and-gun Maple Leafs are not only fun to watch, but they're successful as well

January 24, 2000 | Pierre McGuire
Lightning forward Stephane Richer was close to being dealt to the Stars last week before Blues general manager Larry Pleau stepped in and acquired him for two minor leaguers. St. Louis persuaded...

January 24, 2000 | Seth Davis
Vandy Is DandyLed by senior forward Dan Langhi, Vanderbilt knocked off three top 25 teams in 11 days

January 24, 2000 | Seth Davis
That crashing sound you heard in the East last week was North Carolina going down twice—at Wake Forest (which then lost to North Carolina State) and to UCLA in Chapel Hill. This left the ACC with...

January 24, 2000 | Seth Davis
As Iowa State's Marcus Fizer has grown up, the Cyclones have taken off

January 24, 2000 | Phil Taylor
Ground-bound Raptors forward Charles Oakley made his name under the boards with his elbows and his heart. What goes on in his head is a mystery

January 24, 2000 | Rick Reilly
I admire the Reverend Jesse Jackson. I think he's one of America's heroes. The man goes behind enemy lines to negotiate the release of captured U.S. servicemen, gets millions of minorities to...

January 24, 2000
•A Zinger at WaialaeTwo weeks into the season, Paul Azinger owns comeback player of the year.

January 24, 2000 | John Garrity
To a chastened Paul Azinger, winning the Sony Open for his first victory in seven years was cause for reflection instead of celebration

January 24, 2000 | Jaime Diaz
Aussies RuleNational Program Bears Fruit

January 24, 2000 | Jaime Diaz
UGH to this week's Bob Hope Chrysler Classic. Five days on four dull courses. Arnie shooting 80. Gerald Ford in search of the perfect shank. Blue hair, bad rugs and Coogi sweaters. That'll all...

January 24, 2000 | Jaime Diaz
The question, What's more important, how we look or how we play? is the LPGA's version of the chicken or the egg and always gets the players clucking. Last week, during the association's 50th...

January 24, 2000 | Jaime Diaz
What do these players have in common?

January 24, 2000
Jenny Ritchie, Wanganui, New ZealandOn Dec. 31 Ritchie, 51, a landscape gardener, made the fifth hole in one of her life, using a seven-iron on the 137-yard 7th hole at Wanganui Golf Club's...

January 24, 2000 | Rich Beem
My dream? That the Masters would go back to its old rules, and I could play in Augusta