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July 15, 2002 | Volume 97, Issue 3

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Ted Williams Cover - Sports Illustrated July 15, 2002

July 15, 2002
Sultan of SwingTed Williams, who died on Friday (page 44), liked to Talk about hitting almost as much as he liked to hit, as a few fans and teammates learned during spring training in 1956, a year...

July 15, 2002 | Compiled by Lars Anderson, Kelvin C. Bias, Trisha Blackmar, Albert Chen, Richard Deitsch, Hali Helfgott, Franz Lidz, Pete McEntegart, Julia Morrill, Kristin Green Morse and John O'Keefe
O.K., we'll bite: Who's servin' up hot wings? How's Nolan's steak sauce? And where the heck is Salami?

July 15, 2002 | Compiled by Trisha Blackmar and Mark Bechtel
The 30th anniversary of Title IX is a fitting time to catch up with a foursome who went where no woman had gone before

July 15, 2002 | Tim Layden
A fabled Heisman winner at Notre Dame and a Hall of Famer with the Packers transferred his Midas touch to his business enterprises

July 15, 2002 | Michael Bamberger
Nemesis of Ty Cobb, close friend of Satchel Paige, a Negro leagues legend remains the life of the party as he celebrates his 100th birthday

July 15, 2002
Motor Sports

July 15, 2002 | Mark Bechtel
Here He ComesDespite a winless first half, Jeff Gordon's drive for Winston Cup number five is very much alive

July 15, 2002 | Mark Bechtel
We already told you to pencil in Gordon for the 2002 title; here are a few other things to watch for in the second half

July 15, 2002 | Stephen Cannella
In the Line Of FireThe Cubs' Don Baylor was the latest to go down in a tough season for managers

July 15, 2002 | Stephen Cannella
From 1990 through 2001, teams switched managers 33 times during the season while they had a losing record—as the Cubs did last Friday when they replaced Don Baylor with Bruce Kimm (right)—but only...

July 15, 2002 | Stephen Cannella
ROYALS 4, A'S 3 July 6Kansas City's Michael Tucker doesn't hit many home runs—he had four at the All-Star break—and a bizarre baserunning blunder in this game didn't help his stats. In the top of...

July 15, 2002 | Rick Reilly
You cannot be serious, John McEnroe. You cannot mean what you say in your new book. You cannot actually believe you can beat one of the Williams sisters.

July 15, 2002
Cover ChargesSoccer is a sport completely devoid of excitement. It may have significance in the rest of the world, but it no more belongs on the cover of the premier sports magazine in the U.S....

July 15, 2002

July 15, 2002
Three months ago an e-mail from Marv Fleming, a tight end on the '72 Dolphins, landed in the inbox of senior editor Larry Burke, coordinator of SI's three annual Where Are They Now issues. Fleming...

July 15, 2002 | Steve Rushin
The most beloved sportsman in Minnesota this summer isn't Kevin Garnett or Daunte Culpepper or Torii Hunter. He's a 63-year-old security guard named Gary Baggott. Two weeks ago in Minneapolis,...

July 15, 2002 | P.J. O'Rourke
With so many athletes contemplating a career in politics we should all be worried, very worried—because our heroes are wasting their talents

July 15, 2002 | Mark Beech
An ugly family feud is raging over what will happen to Ted Williams's remains

July 15, 2002

July 15, 2002 | Mark Beech
50½Hot dogs eaten by Japan's Takeru (Tsunami) Kobayashi, 24, in 12 minutes to win the 87th Nathan's Famous Fourth of July Hot Dog Eating Contest. Last year the 5'6" Impounder ate 50 dogs for the win.

July 15, 2002 | Camille Bersamin
A postcard from a place where folks fish with their bare hands

July 15, 2002
Lately, hundreds of NASCAR fans have made pilgrimages to the tiny pit stop of Interlachen, Fla., to view Lil' Dale, a 4-month-old Nubian goat with a marking on its right side in the shape of a 3,...

July 15, 2002
NamedAs manager, by the Atlantic League's Atlantic City Surf, former Phillies pitcher Mitch (Wild Thing) Williams. Best known for giving up a World Series-winning home run to Toronto's Joe Carter...

July 15, 2002 | Richard Deitsch
After spending the past decade wrestling crocodiles and dodging venomous snakes as the host of Animal Planet's The Crocodile Hunter, 40-year-old Steve Irwin, a native of Queensland, Australia,...

July 15, 2002
The infielder's sleight of hand—which was attempted unsuccessfully by the Phillies last week—is at least as old as professional baseball, according to Bill Deane, a member of the Society for...

July 15, 2002 | Richard Hoffer
An early retirement may be Felix Trinidad's sweetest move

July 15, 2002

July 15, 2002 | John O'Keefe
Tee up the LPGA, NASCAR Nastiness, It's Fox's Ball Game

July 15, 2002
Actress Jordana Brewster, Derek Jeter's latest flame, is both beautiful and well-bred. The 22-year-old is the daughter of former Brazilian model Maria João, who appeared on the Jan. 16, 1978,...

July 15, 2002
One of the biggest hearts in sports got a checkup on July 4 as Lance Armstrong, winner of the last three Tours de France, took a prerace medical exam in Luxembourg. Two days later Armstrong won...

July 15, 2002
Michael Jackson was named an honorary director of the Exeter City soccer club, a third-division English team whose cochairman is spoon-bending psychic Uri Geller.

July 15, 2002
First-round draft pick of the Memphis Grizzlies, when asked about visiting Graceland: "I didn't even know Elvis was from Memphis. I thought he was from Tennessee."

July 15, 2002
Matt Handlon, VALPARAISO, IND.BaseballMatt, a senior pitcher and leftfielder at Valparaiso High, was named MVP of the Duneland Conference in baseball, with a 10-1 pitching record and .358 batting...

July 15, 2002 | Leigh Montville
With the death of Ted Williams, the author reflects on encounters with the Splendid Splinter over half a century

July 15, 2002 | Leigh Montville
The perspicacious perfectionist mapped his hits down to the percentage point

July 15, 2002 | David Sabino
Remarkable statistics tell part of the story of Ted Williams's remarkable career

July 15, 2002 | L. Jon Wertheim
At the weirdest Wimbledon in ages, form finally held as top-ranked Lleyton Hewitt and Serena Williams cut down the opposition

July 15, 2002 | Tom Verducci
Already packed with power and loaded with pitching, the first-place Bombers dealt for a slugging outfielder and another club's ace

July 15, 2002 | Michael Silver
The '72 Dolphins point to their 17-0 record and say there should be no debate over who's the best team ever

July 15, 2002 | Michael Silver
Many members of the NFL's only unbeaten team have flourished in their postfootball careers

July 15, 2002 | Franz Lidz
Eighteen years removed from her disastrous collision with Mary Decker, the barefoot Afrikaner has once again found joy in running

July 15, 2002 | Jack McCallum
The Royals great who mastered the triple double and pioneered free agency is a man without a team—or a role in the game

July 15, 2002 | Compiled by Kristin Green Morse
Music is serving as the second verse in the lives of these five former athletes

July 15, 2002
Please note that this is a double issue. The next SI will be dated July 29. Want more Where Are They Now? For then-and-now photos, archival stories and covers from past issues, go to...

July 15, 2002 | Pete McEntegart
The onetime power potentate has spawned the mighty Prince, a Brewers first-rounder and possible heir apparent to his father's home run crown

July 15, 2002 | Albert Chen
These sluggers went for broke every time they stepped up to the plate, which meant they either knocked the ball out of the park or struck out trying

July 15, 2002 | Compiled by David Sabino
Take a walk on the beach or a trip to the mall, and you might find yourself standing on the site of a storied sports venue