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Arthur Godfrey
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February 16, 1970
There is a murder trial under way in Edinburg, Texas, and the University of Texas was mentioned in the course of the examination of the jurors. "Mr. Foreman," said Presiding Judge J.R. Alamia to Houston criminal...

February 03, 1958
Arthur Godfrey, who can bring charm and humor even to a commercial, has captivated and inspired his sedentary coast-to-coast television and radio audience for the past two weeks with a daily personal demonstration of...

October 29, 1956 | Alice Higgins
The familiar figure seen on horseback on these pages, frequently described as the most golden salesman of our day, is here engaged in an unfamiliar pursuit—one which, of all the many things he does, is probably...

October 29, 1956 | Harry Phillips
In this issue, beginning on page 49, SPORTS ILLUSTRATED makes some points about dressage, the study and practice of the finer points of riding, which has been defined as the art of improving one's horse beyond the...

November 21, 1955 | Alice Higgins
The national horse show in New York's Madison Square Garden produced a not-unexpected victory-last week by the Mexican team in the international jumping class, but the classic exploits of General Mariles and his...

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