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Ernest Hemingway

December 23, 1985 | Paul Heidelberg
Boxing was an enduring passion in the life of Nobel-prizewinning novelist Ernest Hemingway from his adolescence on. At 16 he was already trading punches with his friends, using his mother's music room as a gym. The...

July 01, 1985 | Jeremiah Tax
When Ernest Hemingway was turning 60, LIFE magazine commissioned him to return to Spain, "the country that I loved more than any other except my own," to write about the Spanish bullfight season of 1959 and...

November 26, 1984 | Robert F. Jones
"The only good novel about a fighter I've ever read," said Ernest Hemingway when the book was first published in 1958. Long out of print, W.C. Heinz's The Professional has been reissued (Arbor House, $8.95), and a...

November 05, 1984 | E.M. Swift
In his later years, Ernest Hemingway preferred Idaho to just about anywhere else, and the author, guided by Ernest's son Jack, discovered why during an evocative hunting and fishing trip

June 07, 1982 | Jeremiah Tax
When the U.S. 4-x-100-meter relay team finished first at the 1948 Olympics in London but then was disqualified for an illegal hand-off, Harold Conrad was there, knew the people who had films of the race, arranged for...