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Le Mans

July 11, 1955
Sirs:Your recent articles on boxing promoters Norris and D'Antoni support, the great mass of evidence pointing to boxing as one of the most corrupt, unsavory, criminal, dishonest "sports" of all time.

July 18, 1955 | John Bentley
Now that the furor among press and public over the Le Mans disaster has subsided and officials have had time to consider sober action to prevent a recurrence of such fearful accidents, where does automobile racing...

August 22, 1955
Ted Williams tapped a blooper into the Yankees' left center with the shift on and thereby became the 96th ballplayer to hit safely 2,000 times in the major leagues. Williams' reaction: "The cheapest hit I've made all...

August 29, 1955 | John Bentley
Of the 20-odd makes of cars that competed in this year's Le Mans 24-hour hassle, only three were in the original spirit of this classic—that is, true production-type machines available to the public in almost...

September 26, 1955 | John Bentley
Early this year, when MG withdrew the TF from production, there was a great deal of speculation over what would follow. In time it was learned that a new A-type series was being contemplated, but what kind of a car...